Tactical Mischief

A mystery


1. Tactical Mischief

The sun shone from dawn till dusk,

The sky was the colour of ice musk

No wind blew clouds around the sky

Nor did snow fall and lie.


The cottage glowed

As we walked down the road

Turning at the bend

To enter the cottage from the far end.


No one heard us coming

Despite my gentle humming

And no one heard us enter

To begin this new adventure.


She held the cooking pot

Filled with cold chicken stock

Ready to heat on the stove

To help create a treasure trove.


Also in her arms,

Vegetables from many farms

To whip up the casserole

Planned for serving with a bread roll.


Washing every surface

Making it sparkle with a kiss

Cleaning every nook and cranny

So they'll be oblivious to our tyranny.


It would be a surprise

The work of elves provoking cries,

Wonder at was done,

Certain it was for more than fun.


The dinner got ready

Simmering nice and steady,

The house spick and span

That's when we ran.


Away from the goodness

Which had potential for carelessness

But it's nothing to regret

Just a secret for us to forget.

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