The Doctor and the Children of Time

"Tick tock goes the clock. He cradled and he rocked her. Tick tock goes the clock. Til River kills the Doctor." | Set at the beginning of Series 6 | Doctor Who Battle of the Fandoms Winner 2015


1. One

     "Tick tock." whispered the weeping child. She closed her eyes and squeezed her damp eye lids together as hard as she could until they opened again, but she was still trapped in a dark nightmare. Curled up in a corner, she wished for nothing more than just a single flame of candlelight to show her the way through time, but nothing came forth from the shadows. Her wish was only to be ignored. She continued to cry in the darkness, face buried in two palms and her tears leaking into the cracks of time and space. 

     Nightmares often took the girl to a place like this. Where no one dares to go, a place so dark that even the ghosts refrain themselves from entering its doors. But the child had no fear of her nightmare. She was not frightened by the eerie silence in the drawing room, or the darkness held within the door at the end of the hallway. Nor was she scared of the mysterious knocking on the front door, or the hourly chime of the grandfather clock. Whispers came to haunt her every night, but failed to frighten her. Voices of children. The children were singing a nursery rhyme, their words echoing through the walls. She could hear them. Tick tock goes the clock, he cradled and he rocked her...

      The weeping child remained still in the twilight hours of 1923. No one would save her tonight. No one ever did. She knew what would happen, she had seen it before. Her uncontrollable cries could never be heard as she wept through the night, until the rays of morning sunlight hit her face and she awoke once again. The same happened every night, back to 23 she went, crying in the darkness, alone, but never frightened.

     A child without a fear of nightmares. 

     But tonight, something changed. Silence, apart from the quiet cries of a girl in the darkness. The clock chimed eleven times, as it does every night. But this time, when the clock was silenced only to return for twelve, something other than the girl's weeping could be heard. Quiet at first, but it gradually grew louder. She opened her eyes wide with surprise. 'That is the sound of hope', her mother had once told her as they sat by the roaring open fire. She could almost see her mothers warm smile through her sad tears. And then she heard it. The sound that everyone knew; vworp vworp vworp. At the same time, the memory of her mother continued to speak. 'When you hear that sound, you know you are always going home.'

     Through the tears, the girl could see a rectangular silhouette looming in front of her. All of a sudden, nothing else mattered as she stared at the blue box everyone knew so well. A door creaked and an orange-blue light shone through, lighting up the vintage rug in the middle of the floor. Light soon returned to dark as a tall, manly figure stood in the doorway of the box, blocking the light. He lent his shoulder against the frame, straightened his bow tie and crossed his arms. 

     "A weeping child without a fear of nightmares. Now that's my kind of mystery."

     The voices of children returned at that moment, singing and laughing. The girl searched for their ghosts but no such thing existed. Just whispers in the cold air. The girl listened again. She didn't want to but somehow she just couldn't help herself. She put her hands to her ears but the singing voices still penetrated into her mind, as if they desperately wanted her to hear them. She screamed and struggled until she felt arms carrying her away towards a light. The last thing she heard before she woke was the words of the children still singing behind her.

     Tick tock goes the clock, he cradled and he rocked her. 

     Tick tock goes the clock, til River kills the Doctor.

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