Sophie has her entire life planned out. She wants to go to the Royal London academy of dance...alone and become a professional solo dancer. When the academy cancels the course for female soloists in her age group she is forced to find other options. When she finds her alternative she begins to have second thoughts on whether she really wants to follow her dream. Will she take the path her family expect her to take or will it be altered on the way?- based on a true story


5. who do i choose?

I'm on my way to rehearse with Jamie then Jackson blocks my path. I try to switch directions and walk around him but he stops me again.

"look i had no idea you could dance like that. You and Jamie were amazing." he says.

"thanks now I'd appreciate it if i could go and rehearse. We may be amazing but we're a long way off perfect" i add slightly confused.

" look, Sophie i want you back. You're an amazing dancer. You're beautiful both inside and out. You make me feel like no other girl ever has. You drive me crazy every time i see you. I haven't stopped thinking about you since i let you go. I want you back, Soph" he says soothingly.

"OK. wait a minute. You were the one that let me cry over you for an entire weekend. You made me miss a really good night out with my friends. I missed dance and my mum had to call in saying i was ill. Now you're asking me if I'll take you back. Just because i come into contact with another guy you instantly feel the need to come and get me back.That's not how it works. You broke my heart. Now it's my turn to break yours," i say annoyed.

I march with pride into the dance studio.

" you need to be more punctual, Sophie. Then I can spend more time dancing with a beautiful and amazing girl like you" he teases.

My heart melts. I remember what Jackson said. My heart carries on liquefying. Jackson or Jamie?

"sorry I'm so popular here that my ex is trying to get me back" i joke.

" and have you taken him back or told him to hit the road?" he asks, concerned.

" Why do you care so much? It's not like we're dating or anything." i say, trying to get him to open up.

" I just... I wanted to make sure you made the right decision and you weren't going to get hurt again" he mutters awkwardly, sweetly stumbling over his words

"or is it you want me and if i took back Jackson you were going to try and persuade me to dump him again."

" look let's just get back to the dancing OK"

"eye, eye captain. Whatever you say" i add, playing along.

He replies with," OK, i say let's dance"

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