Sophie has her entire life planned out. She wants to go to the Royal London academy of dance...alone and become a professional solo dancer. When the academy cancels the course for female soloists in her age group she is forced to find other options. When she finds her alternative she begins to have second thoughts on whether she really wants to follow her dream. Will she take the path her family expect her to take or will it be altered on the way?- based on a true story


2. The new guy

As i walked into the studio i realised there was one more person in A troupe than before. This means we have a new dancer. I wonder who moved up from B troupe. As i look around i realise that no-one's moved up but we have a completely new dancer.

My friend Katy comes over to me and says, "hey have you noticed the hottie over there?"

"obviously but i guess he's ok," i reply.

I was lying. He was the most gorgeous human being i'd ever seen. He was like an actor or a model or something. Tall, dark hair and handsome. His deep blue eyes drew me in as if they were the best written novel, leaving me hanging on every word. I couldn't stop staring at him. He began to glance around the room. His head turned towards me. I immediately looked away. I think he caught me. Oh well he'll probably think nothing of it anyway. I just have to make sure he doesn't catch me again.

My other friend Molly whispers excitedly, " i heard he's single"

Miss Mary, the dance instructor, gives us an important announcement," As i'm sure many of you are aware the Royal London academy of dance has cancelled both of it's soloists courses so if you want to study there you'll need a duet partner and seen as in the world of work there's more need of mixed duets i suggest you all get into mixed pairs. This will be the best course to be on as there aren't many proffesional mixed doubles out there so you'll easily find work."

Who was i going to go with? Both Katy and Molly had boyfriends at the studio so they'd be partnering with them obviously. I wasn't exactly going to run back to, Jackson, my ex-boyfriend. It wasn't a proper relationship but i'm still trying to avoid him. After trying to figure out who i would partner up with It took me a moment to realise the new guy was coming towards me. I tried to pair up with someone else but then realised everyone else had already paired off.

"hey i'm Jamie. Looks like we're partners. What kind of dancer are you?" he asks with a friendly and welcoming smile.

" i'm Sophie. I'm a ballet and contemporary dancer, you?" i reply nervously.

" I'm a contemporary dancer too" he tells me.

"right ok that's good. There's obviously not going to be any clashes of styles." i add.


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