Sophie has her entire life planned out. She wants to go to the Royal London academy of dance...alone and become a professional solo dancer. When the academy cancels the course for female soloists in her age group she is forced to find other options. When she finds her alternative she begins to have second thoughts on whether she really wants to follow her dream. Will she take the path her family expect her to take or will it be altered on the way?- based on a true story


6. The duet competition

"ok, I have some good news. We as a studio have been invited to perform at the Royal London academy mixed duet competition. This is huge because only the top 5 studios from each region get invited. Also, this is the first time we've been invited but the downside is we can only enter one duet and then if we win the regionals then we go to nationals and obviously you know what happens at nationals." Miss Mary announces.

"I don't. No-one's ever explained it to me. Sorry, i feel really stupid." he admits.

"no, it's fine. Sophie does you want to explain?" she asks

" OK. At nationals, other than the squad dance, there are 4 categories. There's male and female solo, duet and small groups. Small groups are 3-5 dancers. Then each is judged and the bottom dancer is removed in each category from the competition along with their entire studio," I explain

"it's a bit harsh." he replies surprised

"that's nationals. When your the best that's how you stay the best" I answer.

"by winning?" he questions.



"oh ok someone's flirting?" molly whispers in my ear.

one by one I see people beginning to leave or lose interest including my friends and miss Mary.


"so you're saying that the only way of proving that you're a good dancer is by winning nationals?" he asks trying to prove a point.

" did I say that?" I ask trying to put him in the hot seat.

" you implied it, though" he adds.

he made a fair point. Slowly we seem to be making our way out the room. I have no idea what's going on.

"ok fine you win"

we're now in studio B. We're alone and I'm so confused. Suddenly our song comes on.

"oh and...let's dance" he commands.

then I realize he's edited the track so it becomes more like a rumba song. He bobs down. His hands and body slide up capturing every inch of my body including my heart. As I spin around our eyes lock with one another. Our lips follow suit. He presses me against a wall. I feel safe but not quite secure. 

Jackson enters the room. "Sophie, molly wants you," he says upset.

"right ok I'll go now," I answer.

As I leave the room I notice Jackson glaring at Jake. I turn a corner and stay there to eavesdrop on the conversation. 


"you've been here a day and look at the trouble you've caused" he states, annoyed.

"you know nothing, really, you don't. Anyway, what's your problem, man? what've I done to you? Is this about Sophie?"

"yes it's about Sophie. She's mine, not yours. You don't know a thing about her"

"is that so? well then you'd be surprised"

"try me"


enough is enough. I have to do something about this.

"really Jackson. I'm not yours and Jamie you've only known me for a day. How can you know anything about me?"

"i went to your primary school before you moved. I was there when you hit your head and forgot everything. We were best friends."

"wait you never told me that," Jackson says.

"shut up Jackson. Run back to your dance partner whoever she is"


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