Sophie has her entire life planned out. She wants to go to the Royal London academy of dance...alone and become a professional solo dancer. When the academy cancels the course for female soloists in her age group she is forced to find other options. When she finds her alternative she begins to have second thoughts on whether she really wants to follow her dream. Will she take the path her family expect her to take or will it be altered on the way?- based on a true story


3. Practice.

"so what do you want to start with?" i ask.

" i was thinking this. You're really nervous to start with so we start with really simple moves but then as the dance progresses your confidence builds" he replies.

" we could do more dangerous moves towards the end," i add.

"yeah definitely. Should we do a rhumba with a contemporary twist then as that's the dance that i think will fit the story line best?" Jamie asks.

"yeah i think we should"

He walks towards me. Suddenly butterflies begin to churn up my stomach. He puts some music on. It's my favourite song. His blue eyes lock with mine. Jamie slowly walks around me. Circling and watching my every movement. His hands reach for my waist. Every emotion and nerve in my body is being engaged and hightened to the max. All i can think about are his hands on my body. He gradually lets his hands slide up my body. Jamie lifts both my hands up above my head and then he spins me around so our eyes meet. His hands return to my waist. Jamie pulls me in. As soon as our bodies meet i know that we have a connection. Not just because of the dance studio and our common interest, dance, but because we just click and that's never happened for me with a guy before.

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