Sophie has her entire life planned out. She wants to go to the Royal London academy of dance...alone and become a professional solo dancer. When the academy cancels the course for female soloists in her age group she is forced to find other options. When she finds her alternative she begins to have second thoughts on whether she really wants to follow her dream. Will she take the path her family expect her to take or will it be altered on the way?- based on a true story


1. My dream and the bad news

Ever since i fell in love with dance i've always wanted to be a professional solo dancer. I've never wanted or needed anyone else's help in dance. I've been in love with dance ever since i watched strictly come dancing for the first time. I began to dance anywhere and everywhere with and without music. My parents got fed up with this, after having put up with it for the past year, so they took me to my first dance class when i was three years old. I loved it. From that moment onwards i've been taking dance classes every thursday after school. I worked my way up through the classes. I started in the baby ballet class, moving to the junior all stars class. Once i reached 13 i moved up into B troupe which was supposed to be from dancers of age 16 to 25 but i excelled in dance so i was moved up. My goal then was to move into A troupe which is where only the most talented dancers dance. I did so two years later. My real dream and goal was to attend the Royal London academy of dance when i left school and take the undergraduate female soloist course.

A year before i was going to apply for the academy cancelled the undergraduate male and female soloist courses. This destroyed everything for me. My dream, my life and my heart.

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