The little mermaid(H.s au)

"What the fuck?" Harry said.
"What you act like you've never seen a tail before?" Ariel said
"I have seen one in the Little Mermaid just not in real life"
"Well your up for a rude awakening" Ariel smirked.
"I'm not even suppose to be here" Ariel flipped her hair out of her face as she sat on the rock while the waves crashed against the sea shore as Harry stared at her.
"Well aren't you a little rebel" Harry smirked and walked closer to her.
"I've always been the most chaotic out of all my sisters"
"That I can tell with your kinky red hair, big brown eyes, and that evil smirk of yours" Harry brushed the hair out of her face.
"Yeah whatever you say pretty boy" Ariel shook her head and jumped off the rock.
"When will I see you again?" Harry asked.
"I don't know, maybe tomorrow, next week, next month, maybe never again just keep waiting for me"
"Maybe I'll be back with some legs" She continued and giggled.
"I'll count the moments" Harry said and kissed her cheek.
"Bye prince Harry"


1. 1

Ariel "Ariel your late!" My fathers voice boomed. "Sorry daddy I was with Spongebob and Patrick" I muttered as I swam to my seat next to my dad. "Didn't I tell you to stay away from those idiots?" " Daddy they're my best friends" I argued. " Friends are overrated" my dad rolled his eyes and continued eating. " Ariel can you pass the sea weed?" My sister Coral asked me. I nodded and passed it to her. "Thank you" she said. " what did you girls do today?" Daddy asked. " well me and Erica went to the village and got to hang out with Raymon" Miranda said. " Angie and I went to the mall and got this really cute outfit" Samantha said. " I stayed in bed all day sleeping" Chloe said. " And what did you do today Ariel?" " SpongeBob and Patrick and I played pranks on Squidward" I said with a mouth full of seaweed pasta. " ladies don't eat like that Ariel" Who the f*** said I'm a lady? I rolled my eyes and continue eating. " After dinner we have a gathering in town square with Mr Krabs" he said. We nodded it and after that dinner was silent. After dinner I went up to my room to get ready for the gathering. I looked through my closet and decided there's no point in changing because I have all the same type of clothing. Same purple coral shells as a shirt , same weird red hair , and same envy green tail. I sighed and put my hair into a high ponytail I applyed makeup and left my room in and made my way to town square . Normally I don't go to these things but have to be on my best behavior because I'm 16 years old in hopefully by the time I'm 18 my dad will let me leave and explore the main land . "everyone ready?" We nodded and we left. My father King Trition has a very powerful kingdom and rules all of the 7 seas with his triton. My seven sisters and I are the princess of the seas. I'm the youngest so if im lucky I will never have to rule. By the way I'm a mermaid. I have bright red hair , big brown eyes, and big lips. And My name is Ariel.
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