She's the One

18 year old Olivia has lived a terrible life.
Her mother has passed away and her father has become a alcoholic.
When she runs away, young Olivia meets a dashing adorable stranger named Niall Horan. Will this stranger turn her world upside down?
From there on, the story begins ��


2. First day back

Olivia's POV

We were back from the school holidays and I finally get to see my BFFS again.

" Lauren! Kia!" I yelled jumped up and down with joy

"Olivia!" They both yelled at the same time.

" Oh Gosh have I missed you guys and I have some news" I whispered with the biggest smile on my face.

"What has happened?" Lauren Screamed. Lauren and Kia were the loud ones and I was normally the quiet one.

"Shh! I am the new head cheerleader and guess who is my new boyfriend?" I said not giving them any clues.

" Who!!" Kia screeched

" Jack Logan!!" I whispered again, Jack was like the hottest boy in the whole school by far and now he so mine...

That came out wrong, we are dating.

Everything has changed since my mum died when I was 4 and I am 18 now.


I sat next to my dad who was crying his eyes out.

"Your mother is dead!" He answered me

Dead...Dead...Dead repeated in my head.

End of flashback

I still miss her lots but she is in a better place now.

Ever since then my dad has become in love with drinking ...

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