The day i met 5sos and fell in love.



1. I was at the mall and saw the biggest boyband in history !

I was walking out of primark with my best friend Liv. She was a big fan of 5sos and she loved Michael. we walked towards the cafe to get something to eat when I heard Liv scream. "It's 5 seconds of summer" she was really happy. I said to her. "Liv do you want to go and see them they're signing books, yeah but I have nothing to for them to sign. But then as usual I save the day and pull out 2 5sos posters of all the boys.

"Your a life saver" Alex. She said to me.

That's what I am here for liv your my best friend. In the whole world. Aww thanks Alex.

You can always count on Alex. I'm always a life saver when it comes to forgetting stuff with you Liv.

Come on then. Let's go over to them.

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