Quest For Camelot 2

It's been two years, ever since Lady Kayley and Sir Garrett have taken on the late villainous knight Ruber and returned Excalibur to it's stone saving the kingdom. But when trouble begins to brew for the now married couple, they will have to make trough sacrifices for love and for loss to protect themselves and save Camelot from it's ultimate downfall once and for all.


1. Introduction

Our story begins in the kingdom of Camelot, a quite large kingdom full of people, knights, wizards, dragons and many more magical creatures and beings. The men are taking their swords from their bedroom shelves and sliding them into their proper pockets as well as their tri-circled shields. They climb onto their steeds and ride off to the castle, where they will meet with the other Knights of the Round Table. As usual, they sing in hameomy together their anthem; "United We Stand," as a symbolic reminder of how close and strong the Knights really are together. The final two Knights to arrive at the meeting are Sir Garrett and his wife, Lady Kayley. Being the two newest members of the Round Table, they are both often showered with praise and affection for their heroic actions two years before, when they saved Camelot from terror and destruction. The couple have a seat beside one another, holding hands as King Arthur stand up and draws his sword. Garrett, Kayley and the other Knights all do the same and thus begins the meeting.

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