The book of Twilight Thorgy

who is who?, where s where? the real truth behind the scene will be reveal, come on and join in the ride,


2. The Life and Death of the four great Hokage

I believe that Hashirama died by loss of chakra, you see 30 year Madara death, Hashirama made another Kage meeting to discuss about the trade in the villages however the sand village wanted more on the trade produce and soon the another thought of the same thing and they all began to fight (through talking that is) until the sand village made war on every village  however the rock village kage left the meeting before they could bring war on him, so the the water village made war on the leaf before leaving and the cloud made war on the sands village kage, Hashirama was left alone (as they have all storm out) Tobirama told him to ready the troop as nothing he said would work (and so begin the Great war)

the battle started and each land fought one another, leaf was winning since they had the two legendry brothers (Tobirama and Hashirama) so all the villages join forces to fight them ( to which Hashirama comment that "at least they are working together" to which Tobirama slap him and call him a idiot) soon Kages and their Villages were the ones who were having the upper hand and soon overpower them, until Hashirama decided that he was going to end this, he went Sage mode and did every jutsu he know (and I mean EVERY like the Buddha thing and others) and fought the huge army of the sand, cloud and water villages, after three days of destruction which killed all the leader of the three village and totally wipe their men out (those who live ran away) Hashirama turn off his Sage mode however he was in a state that was worst than when he fought Madara because he loss a lot of chakra fighting them, Tobirama then rush him to the medic where his wife (who was a medic ninja or I think she is) try to heal him but it didn’t work,

Hashirama knew that he was going to die, so he call all of his family members (all but his son who die in the Great War) and inform they on his last words, he told his wife Mito not to take this too hard as she was a Uzumaki which means she get anger easily and it might make the nine Tail fox act up, he told his brother Tobirama to make peace with all the lands and their new Kages and not to start Wars (since the lands are now weak) and also he should become the next Hokage to make his dream keep on going, Hashirama then remember Madara and told Tobirama to keep the peace of the clans, with that Hashirama Senju died,

Now before I leave I want to make a Hokage list started now

The longest Hokage to rule was the Third Hokage  Hiruzen, who became Hokage at the age of 24 and died at the age of 69, he was Hokage for about 53 year

The second longest was non other than Hashirama the first Hokage before Tobirama who founded the Leaf at the age of 23 and killed madara at the age of 27, he became became  Hokage at the age of 24(after building and maintaining it) he met team tobirama at the age of 46 and died a year later, he regain for23 years

The third longest was Tobirama the second Hokage before Hiruzen, he was 19 year when his brother founded the leaf and 23 when madara died, he was 42 when he made team tobirama (all the kid were five and then six when the first died) he became hokage at the age of 43 and died when hiruzen was 24 he regain for 18 year, he died at 61

The shortness was Minato who rule for one year and became hokage by 23 and died at 24 by Madara Uchiha (or Obito to be clear and by his action not him himself)


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