Dan, Phil and Jade


7. The Date.... (Phil's P.O.V)

I saw Lauren walk in. She looked AMAZING. It wasn't a fancy restaurant and after we were going to the movies. She was wearing a Jake from Adventure time dress and combat boots. Wow I thought to my self. "Hey Phil." She said causally. "Oh Hi." I said. I hope she didn't notice I was nervous. "Sorry I'm so dressed up. Delaney made me wear a dress. Don't tell her this but I brought a sweatshirt to put on over my dress." She told me. "Don't worry your secret is safe with me." I promised. "Thanks" she said and the she smiled at me. I was surprised. Then Delaney walked in with Dan behind her. "Where have you guys been?" Lauren and I demanded. "I just showed up and I saw Dan sitting outside." said Delaney. We sat down at our table. "Tell us about yourselves." Dan and I said to them. "Well we both have YouTube channels." Said Lauren. "Really what are they?" Dan asked. "Delaney's is Delasaur because she likes Dinosaurs. And mine is MyNameIsLion because that is my nickname and I love lions." Lauren said. I got on to my phone and opened YouTube. I subscribed to both of their channels. I looked over at Dan's phone. He did the same. Seconds later Lauren's and Delaney's phones went off. "AmazingPhil and danisnotonfire subscribed to your channel." She read. "Thanks guys! This is amazing." She excitedly said to us. "No problem." Dan and I said. "How old are you and Delaney?" I asked them. "Well I'm 27 and Delaney is 23." She replied. Yes! They are not too young for us. I sent Dan a text. {Phil: Did you hear that?} {Dan: Yeah it's awesome.} "I'm turning 24 next June." Delaney said. "I'm turning 28 in January." Lauren said. "Well let's get going. We don't want to miss the film." Dan says. "Hold on I have to go do something." Lauren quickly replies and runs to the restroom. "What was that about?" Dan and Delaney ask me. "Um nothing." I say nervously. Just then Lauren runs back wearing jeans and an Adventure Time sweatshirt with what?!?? A LION HAT FROM OUR STORE!!!!! "Nice hat." I tell her. "Oh thank you." She says and curtseys. Everyone bursts into laughter. We leave the restaurant and walk to the cinema. When we get there the line is already so long but some of our fans let us get in front of them. "Hey Phil." I hear a voice say behind me. I turn around. "Yeah?" I ask the fan. "Is that your GirlFriend?" The fan asks. "Yes. Have you heard of her? She has a YouTube channel it's MyNameIsLion." I tell the fan. "OMG I LOVE her videos!!!! Two of my favorite YouTubers DATING!!!!! Eeek!!!!" She squeals. "Hey Lauren." I say to her. "Yeah?" She asks. "Could this fan have your autograph?" I ask her. "Yes! Of course. Anything for my Cubs." She says. She turns around and gives the fan her autograph. "Thank you so much!!!!!" The fan says and hugs her. Then they take pictures together. "Phil! Get in the picture!!" Lauren says to me. I get in the picture. "Thank you guys sooo much. This is the best day ever!!" She tells us. "No problem!!!" Lauren and I say in unison. We get our tickets.

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