Dan, Phil and Jade


6. Phil's P.O.V (Hospital)

I woke up and looked around. I was in the hospital. Dan asked me if I needed anything and I said my laptop and Totoro. Then Minutes later Dan and my mother walked in. I was watching My Neighbor Totoro and eating cereal when they walked in. Dan brought my laptop and Totoro he's done so much and all I say is thanks what is wrong with me? Dan leaves to Pick up Connor Tyler and Louise. When he leaves the Docter comes in and says there is not bad damage and I can go home tomorrow. I decide to look through the fan mail. My favorite one was this: Hi Phil! I'm a big fan of you and a YouTuber as well. I was there when you got hit. I was the one who called the police. Jade got out of the car and tried to stab you but I tackled her and she is now in jail. I'm from America but I moved here to England :) I sent you some American foods and candy I hope you like them :) btw Here's a lion blanket and Totoro Laptop cover :) -Lauren. I had to meet her. The next morning I got sent home. "Dan! I'm home!" I yelled. "I'm in the living room. Louise. PJ, Chris, Tyler and Connor are here." He yelled. "Dan can I speak too you in private?" I asked. "Yeah" he replied. "Um Dan can you and me go meet Lauren the girl from the crash last night?" "Yes!" "Okay"

We went and met her. "Hi Phil." She said. I stopped she was pretty and Dan thought so too. "Hi" Dan and I said at the same time. "Lauren would you like to go to dinner with us?" Asked Dan. "Sure! Is it okay if I bring my cousin Delaney?" She asked me. "Sure!" Dan and I said together. " well I better be going. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye!" She said and then left. Tomorrow.

Authors Question: Do you ship Dan+Lauren, Phil+Lauren, Dan+Delaney or Phil+Delaney?

Tell me so I know who to put together in the next chapter :)

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