Dan, Phil and Jade


2. Dan's P.O.V

Dan's P.O.V

I fumbled with my keys. Jade standing next to me. She was giggling which was really distracting. "Could you stop laughing." I asked her. "Gosh Sorry." She replied. I finally got the door opened and heard running. I called out "Phil!!!!" "I'm in my room." He answered. "Okay. Jade and I are just grabbing some money and then we are going to the movies." I paused. I knew Jade didn't like Phil but he is my best friend. "Do you want to join us?" Before he could reply Jade asked me why I invited him. Gosh I hope Phil didn't heard her. I simply answered "He's my best friend." Moments later he shouted "I would love too!" He quickly added "Just let me grab my coat and wallet." He walked in and he was wearing his lion hat. I loved that hat and he knew it. When he saw Jade eating his cookies he yelled at her. "What do you think you're doing!?!? She replied like he was an idiot "Eating. Duh." I hated her smart mouth. I honestly don't know why I like her. I don't even think I like her at all. "Let's go." I said awkwardly. Phil sat shotgun next to me like he normally does. Uh oh. I thought. Jade is going to rip him to shreds. I was right. "Get up that's my seat. Idiot." She said and glared at him. He looked over at me and I just SHRUGGED. SHRUGGED. He's my best friend and when he needs support I SHRUG!?!? What kind of friend am I?!?!? "Actually never mind. I'm not feeling so good. I think I'll just stay home." He said. It was painful just to hear. It sounded like sadness and anger combined. "Are you sure?" I asked. I could tell something was bugging him. He nodded. "Okay. I'll see you after the movie." I said. He just nodded and hopped out of the seat and Jade sat down. I backed out and looked into the mirror. I could see Phil sadly watching us. When we got to the movies we got popcorn and sat down. That's when my phone went off saying Phil had bought pizza. Classic Phil. I smiled. "What are you smiling about?" She snapped. "Oh nothing." I lied. When the movie ended we got some burgers and I checked YouTube. While we were watching the movie Phil uploaded a video about the dog attacking him earlier today. I drove Jade to her apartment where her roommate was waiting for her. I drove away without saying anything and walked up the stairs to the apartment. I found a note on the table saying: check the fridge -Phil :) I could feel myself smiling. I looked into the fridge and saw 5 slices of pizza. Thank you Phil I thought. I checked to see if he was awake but he was knocked out cold. I put on my pajamas and climbed into bed. I fell asleep easily and had the best dream I've had in a while.

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