Dan and Phil and Abby


2. Phil's POV

Dan and Abby went out to eat, and I was stuck here because Dan said I have behavior issues. He didn't trust me to be around her. A while later, they came back. I didn't know what to think when I saw that Abby had a knife. It was in her pocket. "Very suspicious," I thought to myself. Abby gave me the 'if you tell I will kill you both' look. I gave her the 'Totoro is hotter than you' look. She sighed dramatically and pouted. "Phil was insulting me," she lied. When Dan turned his back to talk to me, Abby went for her knife. She lunged at Dan, but saw me watching her. She stepped back, and put her knife away. Dan turned around to hug her. "You don't know anything about her, you really don't," I said in my head. Abby mouthed an evil laugh. I wanted to take a walk, but I couldn't leave Dan. "No Phil, true friends don't leave each other," my good side said. "Oh yeah? But he betrayed you first and took Abby's side," my bad side said. "Don't listen to him, Dan is your friend," my good side warned. "Dan betrayed me, and a real friend wouldn't, so we aren't true friends," I concluded. But then again, Dan and I were still close, even though he had changed. I did know one thing, Abby was to kill Dan, and I had to stop her.

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