The Erasers

When Natalie chose Amity as her new faction, she thought for sure that she would escape the harshness and cruelty of the world she had been used to. But once her initiation is complete, things start to turn around. She begins to realize things about her perfect, happy world that she never did before...and soon Johanna gives her a new, dangerous assignment, all in order to keep the peace.


2. 2

                 On the morning of the choosing ceremony, Natalie's father had waken her early. They ate their breakfast in a pale silence. Her father had fried her an egg, something he rarely did, Natalie smiled at the small gesture.

                "Natalie." Her father said.  She looked up from mopping the yolk off her plate with a soggy piece of toast.

                "Yes?" She asked, her brown hair in a jumbled mess from a restful night.

                "Today, your going to make the biggest decision of your life. This is the day that you will really become a part of our population. I just want to make sure that the place you have in your mind is the right place for you." He stated plainly.

                "And that I will love you no matter what." He said. Natalie was taken aback by his suddenly kind remark. He said things like this on rare occasion. Natalie took a deep sigh. She would miss him. She would miss him pushing her to be the best, she would miss wishing she had a stronger parental figure. Natalie looked over to him, and sighed.

              "That's all I have to say. We'd best not be late." He said. His classic punctuality returning. 




                Before she knew it, Natalie was swimming in an ocean of people in blue. Many looked identical to her and she had long given up trying to find others that she was acquainted with. She and her father had found a place to sit near the middle of the section made for her faction. She drew in a quick breath, and tried to push down the nervous feeling in her stomach. Suddenly, she wasn't sure what she wanted to choose. She had had her heart set on Amity for so, so long and now...she simply wasn't sure. 

               Natalie watched as a woman with short blonde hair, glasses, and a blue suit crept onto the center stage. In front of her were three, overly large bowls which she clearly recognized. Once a drop of her blood, her own DNA, and a very literal part of her fell into one of those bowls, it was all over. It was set in stone, and her life was defined permanently. She longed to pace and felt trapped among the crowd. 

             The woman, who she now recognized as Jeanine Mathews, had begun a speech about the factions, and the choice that she and many others had to make on this day. Anger boiled inside her. Something within her told Natalie that she should not look up to this woman as the others around her did. Natalie had always prided herself on seeing behind Jeanine's pale, wrinkled face. She knew there was more behind it, she simply knew.

              Jeanine had concluded her speech with "trust the test, and remember, Faction before blood. " She and the army of people around her repeated "faction before blood." 

             Natalie gulped and broke into a nervous sweat. Faction before blood, she thought. She felt a drop of hot sweat roll over her forehead, if only it were so easy. 


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