The Erasers

When Natalie chose Amity as her new faction, she thought for sure that she would escape the harshness and cruelty of the world she had been used to. But once her initiation is complete, things start to turn around. She begins to realize things about her perfect, happy world that she never did before...and soon Johanna gives her a new, dangerous assignment, all in order to keep the peace.


1. 1

               Natalie sat in the dark library, a computer glaring back in her face. She sighed and ran her hands through her light brown hair and and let out a yawn. Everyone else her age was in bed getting sleep for one of the biggest days of their lives, the choosing ceremony. Natalie had been researching the faction Amity almost all day and into the night. She kept coming up with the same basic information and was growing frustrated. She pushed the white office chair away from the computer and let her head fall back on the top edge of the chair. She was completely alone in the pitch black. 

                 Natalie stood up out of her chair, straightened her blue Erudite suit, and shut down her computer. She found her bag in the dark and stumbled blindly out of the darkened library. Soon she had burst through the doors and into the night. White streetlights shone down on the neatly paved cement in white iridescent circles that broke every few feet. It had rained earlier in the day and now the streets were damp and small streams of water were trickling into the gutters. Natalie had a sight headache and knees that cracked, whenever she closed her eyes she saw the small, circular, tree that marked a faction as Amity. She once again took a nervous breath in. She was weighing her options in her mind.

                There were small things that she loved about the Erudite. Their books, their knowledge, their polite language...but she had realized that all of this had done a fine job at driving them insane. Within their neat buns was a desire to let their hair down. Stuck on the pages of their books were wrinkled tear stains. Not to mention, their insatiable need to know about their surroundings often drove them to the point of madness. There had been many a time when she had passed by a shelf in the library where a blue clothed individual would be hunched against the shelf, hair a mess, tears streaming down their wide eyed face because they just couldn't find the answer. It was this state that had alerted Natalie that she could not stay here. She feared becoming like this, a monster consumed by education. So, she figured Amity would be the best possible escape. Her entire life the most of a plant she had seen was a weed growing through the side walk. She longed to become a bigger part of the natural world, not to mention, her research had told her the Amity had a layed back, caring look on life. She figured a life style this abstract could never drive a person to extreme measures of insanity...or maybe she was being naive...

             Clueless, she walked into the building where she and her father lived. She had never met her mother, nor did she want to...She walked up the white, clean steps, splattering muddy water on them from her shoes. Natalie took pride in her small act of rebellion...though it didn't mean much. The steps would be clean by the morning and all would be forgotten. When she made it to her floor she let the scanner by her door do it's work and soon it slid open. She could hear her fathers loud snoring and noticed her had left a note for her on the table. 

                                                           Hello Natalie, 

                                               I left some food for you in the refrigerator.

                                               Do not stay out so late, you have 


                                               Your Father.

            Upon reading the note, she sighed at her Fathers uptight and strict ways. Even through the note she could sense his disgruntled, tired attitude toward raising her. He wanted her to be nothing but the best, the brightest. Since she was young her was determined to have a prodigy. He did everything he could to bring up the very best Erudite he could, the next Jeanine Matthews. Natalie shivered at the thought of becoming like her. She had only seen her once at a speech she was giving, she had given the room a cold chill and was talking about her latest serum. Natalie had never believed in the serums, though they were fascinating, she just never thought they would work. Though she had been proven wrong when she took her aptitude test. It had given her Amity results, this was why she had done her tireless research in the little time she had leading up to her choosing. 

              By now Natalie had adorned a pair of pale blue pajama's with darker blue buttons and thread. Sewn into it was the classic, Erudite eye of knowledge. She smiled down at it. It was almost hard to believe this may be the last time she was to see it. Never before had it carried as much weight as it did on this night. She want to cry, but fought back her tears. Stubbornly she shut off her light and got into bed. She then closed her eyes on the world she knew, for what she considered, in her heart, was the last time.

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