Luna Potter and the Beginning of the Prophecy

Luna Lovegood Potter has three siblings, James, Albus, and Lily Potter. Her parents died when she was one year old. No one knows about her, because at her birth only a few people knew that she existed. Now, she is filled with surprise as the killer of her parents becomes headmaster and takes over the school. Now, she must stop him, and save Hogwarts from a secret killer!


3. Chapter Three: The Letter


         "Luna, wake up! There's an owl for you!" James, my older brother and guardian, said. I literally jumped out of bed, got ready, and jumped down the stairs.

         "Hey, slow down. You're going to fall." James said, cross. "By the way, here's your letter."

         I took the letter from James, and saw the wax seal. "It's from Hogwarts! I'm actually in!" I yelled. James whispered, "If only Mum and Dad were here." I fell silent, thinking about that night. James fell silent as well.

         I knew that he blamed himself for coming too late. If he came a minute earlier, he might have saved Mum and Dad as well as me. But he came too late and could only save me. He thinks about that to this day.

        "It's not your fault they died, James. Besides, it wasn't your fault. It was-" I said a very rude thing about the man who killed my parents. James didn't stop me, because he probably wanted to say the same thing.

        "Anyways, when are we going to Diagon Alley?" I asked. "Today, in fact." James said. "Now, get ready and grab your allowance. We're going now."

        I have allowance from James saved up because I wanted to own an owl for myself. I knew James would never get me one, since we already had an owl. Everything else, James will buy for me.

       "Let's go!" I said, and James apparated himself and me to Diagon Alley.

Author's Note: Sorry chapters are so short. I'm planning on making a bunch of chapters, so I hope this makes up for it. Byeee!!!


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