Luna Potter and the Beginning of the Prophecy

Luna Lovegood Potter has three siblings, James, Albus, and Lily Potter. Her parents died when she was one year old. No one knows about her, because at her birth only a few people knew that she existed. Now, she is filled with surprise as the killer of her parents becomes headmaster and takes over the school. Now, she must stop him, and save Hogwarts from a secret killer!


1. Chapter One: The Birth

       "Oh Harry, she's beautiful!" Ginny Potter said as she held her newborn baby girl in her hands. "She looks just like you, only with black hair and green eyes." Harry Potter said as he looked at the girl.

           Suddenly, she waved her hands in the air, which caused Harry to have a sudden flashback of Luna Lovegood waving her hands in the air to get "rid" of a Wrackspurt. "She waving just like Luna did to get rid of a Wrackspurt." He told Ginny. "It's too bad that the Carrows killed her." 

           "Harry, I think we should name her Luna, in memory of Luna Lovegood." Ginny said. "I agree with you. Welcome  baby Luna." 

           And Luna smiled back.


           "Mum, let me see her. The boys are hogging her." said Lily Potter. "Okay, Lily. Boys, let Lily see her." said Ginny.

"Fine." said James and Albus Potter at the same time.

"You know someone else was born today in this family as well." said Harry with a smile, interrupting them. "Happy birthday Dad!" all three kids said in unison.

That day was the happiest day all of them spent together. It was also their last day together.


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