Luna Potter and the Beginning of the Prophecy

Luna Lovegood Potter has three siblings, James, Albus, and Lily Potter. Her parents died when she was one year old. No one knows about her, because at her birth only a few people knew that she existed. Now, she is filled with surprise as the killer of her parents becomes headmaster and takes over the school. Now, she must stop him, and save Hogwarts from a secret killer!


4. Chapter Four: Diagon Alley


         "Come on James, there's so much to see!" I yelled. "Luna, be careful. Remember almost no one knows you are. You don't want to reveal yourself." James whispered. "Fine." I said and rolled my eyes as we walked to Flourish and Botts.

         After much boring shopping (except for my Barn Owl) we finally came to Ollivander's. I was so excited, I was trembling. When I entered though, I was a bit disappointed.

         Just then, Mr. Ollivander appeared. He was quite old, but he still looked a bit creepy. Then he spoke in a croaky voice.

         "James Potter. I remember your wand quite well. Very sturdy and good for transfiguration, just like your Grandfather's wand. But who is this?" Mr. Ollivander asked.

         "Oh, this is Luna. She's my sister. Most people don't know she exists, only a few family friends do." James replied. "Well, enough about Luna's history. Let's find her a wand." Mr. Ollivander said. And the choosing began.

         After about 13 wands, I became hopeless. I was never going to get a wand. Mr. Ollivander noticed my sad expression and said,"Don't worry, it took quite a while for your father to get his wand. Ah, maybe this one. Phoenix feather and dragon heartstring, 8 inches."

         I felt weird about this one, like it was made for me. I waved it, and sparks shot out. "Well, it seems like you and wand have a very strong connection. Very interesting. Seven galleons, please." James gave him the galleons, and we apparated home.



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