Luna Potter and the Beginning of the Prophecy

Luna Lovegood Potter has three siblings, James, Albus, and Lily Potter. Her parents died when she was one year old. No one knows about her, because at her birth only a few people knew that she existed. Now, she is filled with surprise as the killer of her parents becomes headmaster and takes over the school. Now, she must stop him, and save Hogwarts from a secret killer!


5. Chapter Five: The Hogwarts Express


t was time for me to go to Hogwarts. I was so excited I could hardly speak. But I was also nervous. I had a hunch that someone that I saw in my nightmares would actually be at Hogwarts. Well, my only nightmare includes the night my parents died. My mum and dad died, so either James or… my parents' killer.

     James could sense my nervousness, though he thought it had to do with starting Hogwarts. To be honest, I was worried about Hogwarts too. James told me,"Don't worry, just sit down in a compartment, make some friends, and you'll be all set for every year at Hogwarts." I personally wanted to sit alone, and make friends later in the year.    

      The train blew its whistle to warn students that it was leaving, and I jumped aboard. I quickly rushed toward the back, because almost no one goes to the back, right?

      I was wrong. Someone showed up into the compartment I was in. She said her name was Olivia Robertson, and she asked if she could sit with her.

      "So, what's your name?" Olivia asked. "Luna, and you don't need to know my last name." I said. "Olivia looked scared, and I immediately felt bad. "My name is Luna Potter, and I'm sorry about about being rude to you. I'm just so worried about the Sorting." I said. "By the way, you probably won't be a Slytherin, because you're so nice." "Thanks, Luna, its just what I needed. Wait! You said Luna Potter. As in the Harry Potter that saved the world Potter? Lucky, you're his granddaughter."

      I decided to trust Olivia. She seemed nice and able to keep secrets. "Well, to tell the truth, I'm actually Harry Potter's daughter. I was born when Lily was 16, which is why nobody, except my family and now you, know that I exist. But that's going to change at Hogwarts. Everyone will turn their attention to me the moment they call Potter, Luna." I said. Olivia and I talked about her life instead. She was a muggle-born, had a nice family, and her parents were teachers. The witch with the candy trolley passed by, and we each had a couple of Choclate Frogs and Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. Then, the train lurched to a stop. We were at Hogwarts.

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