Sarah gets bullied everyday. Just when she is about to give up, a boy named Luke steps into her life.
******************************************************************This is my first fanfic so don't hate me if it's horrible <3


9. 9

When I'm finished, I look up to see Luke staring at me. He looks like he's about to cry.

"I'm so sorry, Luke. This was all my fault. I shouldn’t have let this happen. Im sorry.” I say, letting tears fall.

“No. Sarah, I can’t control it. It’s not your fault.” He says. He’s crying too. I move to hug him. He hugs back, but he’s weak from all the blood he lost. That makes me cry even harder. All i’ve been doing lately is crying. We sit like that until. the rest of the boys walk in the room. They all ask if he is okay and if he needs anything. He says no.

“Sarah? Can I talk to you? Alone?”

“Sure.” I say, and the boys file out.

“I didn’t know you could sing.” he says, surprised.

“Yeah, well no one does, but me.” I say with a smile. He laughs lightly. We’re quiet for a few moments, until he says “Your voice is beautiful. I want you to be part of the band.”

My heart literally stopped beating. “WHAT?!” I scream a little too loud.

“I have to talk to the rest of the boys about it, but I really want you in the band.”

“Oh my god.”

A little while later, the boys come back.

“Guys?” he says.

“Yeah?” all three say in unison.

“I need to talk to you about something important.” Oh my god is he gonna ask them if I can be in the band? “Can Sarah be in the band?” The question hung in the air, like a thick smoke.

After a few minutes Ash looks up at me and says, “Of course, but we ALL need to hear you play.”

“Yeah we never got to hear you. Only Luke.” says Cal.

“It would be awesome to have you in the band, Sarah!” say Mikey.

“Alright. When I get out of here, you are auditioning to be in the band.” says Luke.

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