Sarah gets bullied everyday. Just when she is about to give up, a boy named Luke steps into her life.
******************************************************************This is my first fanfic so don't hate me if it's horrible <3


10. 10

Luke got out the next day. The first place we took him was Nandos. Of course, but then we went to my house because Luke didn’t want to face his brother just yet.

We’re all sitting on the couch, when Luke suddenly says “Okay, Sarah. Go.”

“What?” I say, slightly confused.

“Your audition. Go.” he says laughing.

“Ohhh.” I say also laughing. I get up and grab my guitar.

“What should I play?”

“Whatever you want.” Ash replies.

“Okay then. Thanks for your help.” I say laughing.

“Your welcome.” he say through everyone’s laughter.

I play I miss you by Blink-182, just like I played for Luke. I close my eyes and tune them all out, and play like i’ve never played before. I feel so alive. I’ve never felt this feeling before. When i’m finished, I hear a round of clapping. I open my eyes and see Cal, Ash, Luke, and Mikey standing up, cheering and clapping.

“That was amazing, Sarah! But we need to talk it over as a band, so can you like go in another room?” asks Luke awkwardly.

‘Yeah, sure.” I walk into the kitchen. I can slightly hear them, they all talk so loud. I hear words like “She’s really good…”, “Her heart is in her music…”, and “She must write her own songs…” It’s true, I write songs , but I don’t think any of them are good.

“Sarah?” Luke says as he rounds the corner. “You can come back now.”

“Okay.” We walk back to the living room and sit down. Well, Luke sat. I’m too nervous to sit.

“Sarah, you have an amazing talent. Your voice is incredible, but i’m sorry to say…..” starts Ash.

“YOU'RE IN THE BAND!!!” screams Ash, Mikey, Cal, and Luke at the same time. I sit there, stunned for a minute, until it sinks in. I’m in the band. I’m in freaking 5 Seconds of Summer!

I jump up and scream “YES! ICE CREAM! MY TREAT EVERYONE!”


After we all get our ice cream, we sit at a table to discuss the band.

“Okay, we need to do a twitcam to introduce Sarah.” says Ash.

“Yeah, and we need to post a new video, so the fam knows how good she is.” says Mikey.

“We also need to play together before we do all that, to make sure we all blend together nicely.” says Luke.

“Luke’s right about that.” says Cal.

“Okay, so when do we practice?” I ask.

“Now.” they say in unison, and we leave the ice cream place.


We end up going to Mikey’s because they tell me thats where they always have practice.

“Okay, what song first?” I say. They all look at me with blank stares for a minute, then burst out laughing.

“What?” I say pouting.

“We forgot that you're new to the band. We alway do “Gotta Get Out” first. Do you know it?” replies Ash.

“Yeah, by heart. It’s all you guys ever play.” I say laughing. “What parts should I sing?”

“Sing Luke’s part with him, But the second time the chorus comes you sing it alone.” says Cal.



Me and Luke: Even when the sky is falling down. Even when the Earth id crumbling round my feet.

Calum: Even when we try to say goodbye. And you can cut the tension with a knife in here.

Me, Luke, Calum: Cuz I know what’ll happen if we get through this.

All: And if the Earth ends up crumbling down to it’s knees and baby. We just gotta get out. We just gotta get out. And if the skyscrapers tumble down and crash around and baby. We just gotta get out. We just gotta get out.

Calum: I feel so lost. And it comes with a cost, of being alone.

Mikey: Everything is falling down we’re suffering. Helpless thought and out we sing. Prayers go to the sky.

Me: And if the Earth ends up crumbling down to it’s knees and baby. We just gotta get out. We just gotta get out. And if the skyscrapers tumble down and crash around and baby. We just gotta get out. We just gotta get out.

Ashton: We just gotta get out. We just gotta get out. We just gotta get out.

All: We just gotta get out. We just gotta get out


"Wow! We sound awesome together!” says Mikey when we finish.

“I know!” I reply.

“Well Sarah,” Says Ash.

“You're in the band!!” They all scream in unison. I’m in the band. SHIT! I”M IN THE BAND! 5 FREAKING SECONDS OF SUMMER!

“YES!” I scream, and jump up. “Uhh ahem. Errrr I mean, that’s cool.” We all burst out laughing. I finally get a good look at Luke’s arms. They’re covered in scars. New and old. Cuts and burns.


(Luke’s POV)

When I stop laughing, I notice Sarah’s staring at my arms. She sees my new scars, which anyone knows would be there, but she also sees my old ones.

“Sarah?” I said. “I need to talk to you.” The boys immediately stop laughing and stare at me. They know what i’m about to say.

She stands up and says “Of course, Lukey.”

“Sarah, there is a lot of my story that you don’t know yet. I have had a very hard past. When I was 13, I got bullied. A lot. I had no friends, and was called “Fat Boy”. To my face. I’ll admit. I was a chubby kid. I was insecure. I still am. It hurt, so much. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I had heard of self-harm. Cutting, burning. I heard it relieved pain and stress. So I did it. The first time I did it, I had just gotten home from school. My mom wasn’t home from work yet, and I had about an hour before she did. I went in my backpack and pulled out my pencil sharpener. I used a screwdriver to take out the blade. Then, I walked to the bathroom. I stood in front of the sink, blade in hand. Contemplating whether to do it or not. The voices of the kids in school, echoing in my head. The blade was touching my skin. I moved my hand toward myself. It made a cut, but not deep enough. I did it again, this time deeper. I did it over and over again. Each time a little deeper than the last.

On my other arm I took the lighter from the kitchen and burned myself all over. That hurt a lot, so I never did that again. Instead I cut. I became obsessed, addicted. It was like a drug. Whenever I felt an emotion, I’d cut. Happy, Sad, Alone, Hurt, Proud. I didn’t know how to handle my emotions anymore. Then, I met the boys. I had known their names for years, but didn’t actually know who they were. When we became friends, my life changed. I got better. I still cut, just way less. Only when I felt like I either needed to cut or kill myself.” By the time I was done, I had tear rolling down my face. I looked up to see Sarah did too.

“Luke, you don’t know my story either. I want to tell you and the boy all at once though, because I don’t want to repeat it again.” We walked back into the room, and sat with the guys.

“I told her everything.” I said. They nodded.

I have a story of my own to tell.” she said.”

(Sarah’s POV)

“I had a happy life. But it all changed when I was 10. My Dad left us. He just got up and left one night while we were sleeping. My parents never fought, so to me it made no sense to me. My mom tried contacting him, but it was like he had never even been there. I alway blamed myself for him leaving.

As I got older, people in school would say things like “I bet your dad left because he couldn’t handle having such a slutty daughter.” and “Go kill yourself, bitch.”

Like you, I started cutting. I was 12. I cried myself to sleep at night. After a while, I told my mom. She got me a therapist and thought that would make everything better. It didn’t. I was suicidal. Everyday I would stand in front of the mirror thinking “I’m so ugly, fat, slutty, bitchy.” I starved myself too. I-I-I t-tried.” I cut myself off with sobs. “I overdosed on pain pills from when I broke my leg. My mom came home from work, to find me laying lifeless on the bathroom floor. I had no friends after that. No one talked to me unless it was to be mean. Even the teachers were in on it. Brooke was the worst. She made my life a living hell. Well, until Luke stepped in that day. Then I met you guys. My life changed. You made me feel whole, when all that was left were the broken pieces. I love you so much it hurts. I still cut.” I pull up my shirt sleeves revealing deep cuts and bruises. “I’m sorry. I don’t deserve any of you. You’re all too good for a low-life like me.” I end in a small hollow voice.

The tears falling in an endless stream down my face. I can’t handle this. I needed to cut. I ran to the bathroom where I knew Luke kept blades. I locked the door and rummaged through the drawers until i finally found one. I could hear the boys screaming and banging on the door, but it didn’t stop me. I cut 8 times, really deep. One for being fat. One for being ugly. One for being a slut. One for being a bitch. One for my dad leaving. One for the girls at school. One for burdening the boys with my problems. And one for giving in again and cutting. I wrapped up my arm and opened the door like nothing happened. Everyone’s eye immediately moved straight to my arm.

“I’m sorry.” I say quietly, defeated.

“It’s okay beautiful, we still love you.” Says Luke.

“You do?” I say.

“Of course we do.” It’s quiet for a moment.

“I cut.” states Ashton bluntly.

“Me too.” says Michael.

“Me three. I also starve myself and binge.” says Calum.“We all do things to harm ourselves, but that's what holds us together.”

“We may not love ourselves, but we sure love each other.” adds Ash.

“We are all beautiful. Whether it’s on the inside or outside.” says Mikey.

“I love you guys so freaking much.” I say, and with that we group hug.

“We love you too.” they say back.




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