I Won't Mind

Cinclair is the best friend of Zayn Malik. He has just made it home after leaving tour early. Once he had made it home, he revealed to Cinclair that he had quit One Direction because he couldn't stand being away from his girlfriend, Perry Edwards, any longer. Sadly, Perry had found someone that was happy to spend time with her while Zayn was gone. Now Zayn is too depressed to go back on tour and join the group, so he just stays home all day sulking. Feeling the pain of her best friend, Cinclair tries to cheer up Zayn. While talking to Zayn, however, Cinclair finds herself in a weird place. Zayn's lips pressed up against hers. She has never found him attractive in that way, but she knows that he is doing this because he is in so much pain. So what is a best friend to do? She kisses him back.


4. The Truth

Chapter 4: Zayn's P.O.V


I sat in my Bently in the Barnes & Noble parking lot thinking of another place Cinclair could be.

"Why would she lie about something like this? My best friend is pregnant and I'm the father! If only I was in my right mind last night, none of this would have ever happened. I'm so damn pathetic." I said dropping my head into the palms of my hands. "I just want to make everything right..." My cell phone soon vibrated in the passenger's seat. I quickly grabbed my phone and was relieved to see that Cinclair had texted me back. Without any hesitation, I opened the text and read it.

Cinclair: "It's Perry. Clair's here with me over at my house. Hurry up and get over here. We all need to have a talk ASAP"

I continued to look at the screen of my cell phone, but was completely confused and nervous.

So does this mean that she told her? Hell no. There's no way Clair told Perry something like that. She couldn't have possibly told her that. Or maybe she did...Perry and her are friends after all...

I shook my head shaking myself out of my thoughts.

I can't spend my time waiting to see what happens. I've gotta take action instead.

I cranked up my Bently, put the car in drive, and made my way over to Perry's place. As I got closer to Perry's condo, the sweat that was building up on my forehead began to slowly roll down face. Once I was parked out in front, I quickly wiped off the sweat with my hand and wiped it on my pants. I am way too nervous right now. After turning my car off and taking the key out of the ignition, I pulled out my phone. I typed up a text that read "I'm outside" and had it ready to be sent to Cinclair. My thumb hovered over the send button.

Man the fuck up, Zayn! You need to control your emotions and get the hell in there!

As I sat there and fought with myself, a sudden knock on the window caused me to jump out of my thoughts. I quickly looked out the window to my left and found Perry staring at me. I caught my breath and rolled down the window.

"What the hell are you doing sitting here in the car? I told you to hurry up because we've got something to talk about. Get out of the car and get inside. Clair's in the house waiting." She walked to the front door and waited for me there.

Looks like I've ran out of time...

I rolled the window back up and hopped out of my Bently. I watched Perry as I walked past her, but she made sure that she didn't look in my direction. Once the living room was within view, I found Cinclair sitting on the couch with a cup of green tea in her hand. I looked at her and could easily see the hurt in her eyes. I frowned before sitting on the couch next to the one Clair was sitting on.

"I'm gonna go make me some more tea and before you even ask, no Zayn. I'm not gonna make you any." She hurried to the kitchen leaving me and Clair alone.

"So...you guys really aren't getting along huh?" Clair asked giggling a little. I chuckled to myself a little before answering her.

"Yeah. It's been that way ever since she told me about 'Gabriel,' her new boyfriend." I tensed up a little as small pieces of my heart chipped away. I can't even mention his name without getting angry. Clair's face saddened as she looked down in her cup. "I appreciate your help though." I regretted what I said as soon as the words left my mouth. Big mistake. Clair looked at me with complete anger.

"Well, to be honest Zayn, it really looks like I wasn't enough." she said sitting down her tea and catching a few of her tears before they rolled down her face. I moved closer to her and was now sitting on the edge of the couch.

"Clair, I didn't mean it like that."

"Then please explain it to me then. Because I don't think there's any other way I can take it in this situation!" she said raising her voice. I moved over to the same couch she was on and was now sitting next to her. I quickly shushed her with my finger up to my lips.

"I know you're mad Clair, trust me. But if you didn't tell Perry, you should probably keep it down."

"Tell me what?" Perry asked while standing in the threshold of the living room with her tea in hand. Shit. Are you serious? She stood there observing the scene; Clair's enraged face covered in tears and my worried expression. Clair began to calm down, but neither one of us said a word. "What's wrong you guys? I know the situation is serious, but why is it this intense in here?" She asked slowly making her way over to the couch across from the one I was previously sitting on. I attempted to come up with a cover up, but the words never left my mouth. Clair was stuck too. "Seriously you two, what is it? I'm getting scared." The silence remained and Perry continued to wait for a response.

"...I'm so sorry Perry." Clair said finally breaking the ice.

"Sorry?...Why? What did you do?" she asked curiously. You could hear the worry in her voice clearly. I would explain, but it's hard for me too. She'll be mad at me more than anybody though. I'm sure of it. Clair continued to explain while her voice broke up from her crying.

"...Once you and Zayn broke up...I naturally kept checking in on him day after day...But last night...he was drunk and..." What was once worry on Perry's face began to turn into anger. She glanced over at me before refocusing on Cinclair. She adjusted herself so that she was a little bit closer to her.


"...Well...in the mist of me comforting him...he kissed me..." Perry moved around as if she was getting uncomfortable.

"And then?"

"We...had sex...and even though I told Zayn otherwise...it was too late to use protection, so we just..." Perry and I were both surprised on that part.

I thought that we had just used a bad rubber...Why would she lie about that? Did she really think that I wouldn't find out eventually?

"Cinclair...what are you trying to tell me?" Perry finally asked while clenching her fists. Clair cried harder before answering her.

"I'm pregnant Perry...I'm pregnant and Zayn's the fa-" Before she could even finish, Perry had already jumped up from her seat and slapped Clair. The noise from the slap had eochoed throughout the silent room. Clair and I were both frozen by Perry's abrupt strike. Her sudden actions had caused the two cups of tea to fall over and spill. The hot liquid traveled to the corner of the table and fell down on Clair's gray sweats. The contact from the hot tea caused Clair to scream bringing us both back to reality. She jumped up to try and make the tea burn a little less, but she also made sure that she made a good distance between her and Perry. So now I'm standing in between the two of them.

"You fucking bitch! You had me comforting you when you were the one who fucked my man?! And not only fucked him, but you're pregnant too?! If there wasn't a baby forming in there, I would whoop your ass right now!!" Perry hollered at Clair. Clair found herself clenching onto the back of my shirt. I raised my arm up a little to make sure that Perry didn't get any closer than she already was. I can't pick sides because I love them both and I understand both sides as well. But the least I can do is make sure that no more physical violence happens today. Perry noticed my gesture and looked my way.

"Don't think you're in the clear! You're just as much to blame!"

"In my defense, we weren't together Perry. And what about Gabriel? I thought you were with him, not me!" I said with a hint of anger.

"I lied Zayn! I wanted you to hurt like I did. I never thought that you'd do some shit like this though!"

"This isn't a game Perry! This is REAL LIFE! You can't do something like that expect me to stay stuck on you!" She fell to her knees bursting into tears.

"Then leave! If you don't want to be in my life, then go ahead and walk out that door. Walk right out of my life..." she cried to herself softly. Before I could even attempt to comfort her, Clair's grip on my shirt tightened and I noticed her trembling body.

She must be exhausted emotionally. Not just her, but in a way, Perry too.

I looked at Clair before looking back down at Perry. I sighed heavily once I had made a decision.

I gotta handle one thing at a time.

I grabbed Clair's hand before guiding her out the front door with me. We hopped in my Bently before driving back to my place.

This isn't goodbye Perry. I've just gotta handle this first. I'll be back for you though. I just hope you'll forgive me by then...

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