I Won't Mind

Cinclair is the best friend of Zayn Malik. He has just made it home after leaving tour early. Once he had made it home, he revealed to Cinclair that he had quit One Direction because he couldn't stand being away from his girlfriend, Perry Edwards, any longer. Sadly, Perry had found someone that was happy to spend time with her while Zayn was gone. Now Zayn is too depressed to go back on tour and join the group, so he just stays home all day sulking. Feeling the pain of her best friend, Cinclair tries to cheer up Zayn. While talking to Zayn, however, Cinclair finds herself in a weird place. Zayn's lips pressed up against hers. She has never found him attractive in that way, but she knows that he is doing this because he is in so much pain. So what is a best friend to do? She kisses him back.


5. Reminiscence

A/N: I am SOOOOOOOO sorry for the extra long wait. My laptop somehow got some malware on it and my sister from out of town helped me once she got here. Now it's fixed! (Ta~da!!) Chapter 5 took forever to get here, but it's finally here. So I hope you guys enjoy it :)


Chapter 5: Cinclair's P.O.V


Once Zayn and I were in the Bently, silence crept over us. I held my cheek lightly while having an emotionless expression. I looked over to my side trying to catch a glimpse at Zayn. His face was filled with both anger and sorrow. My heart jerked from the pain of seeing him the way he was.

I'm a horrible best friend. No. I'm just a horrible person.

I dropped my head in defeat and closed my eyes losing myself in my thoughts. Once the Bently came to a sudden halt, my eyes crept open. I looked out the window and noticed that we were parked in front of Zayn's place once more. I glanced at Zayn again, but found him staring back at me. I quickly looked the other way.

"Why are you acting like I'm a stranger?" I swallowed my spit and kept my mouth shut, still not looking at him. "I know alot has happened today, but that's no reason why we should have to change."

He's right, but how can we simply go back to being the way we were with everything that's happened?
I stayed silent and continued to stare at my fiddling fingers. Small droplets of water fell down on my hands.

"Why are you crying, Cinclair?" he reached out to me and wiped the tears off of my face. I flinched a little as he brushed my now bruised cheek. "Does it hurt a lot?" I nodded my head still not looking at him. He stared at my face before unbuckling our seat belts. "Come on. Let's go clean that up, okay?" I nodded my head again and followed him into his house.

I sat on the couch as Zayn walked over to the closet to get the first aid kit.

Why can't I open my mouth? I haven't been able to say anything since we've left Perrie's place. (A/N: I corrected her name lol) It's like I'm literally tongue tied. There's just nothing I can say. Or more like I just can't find the words to say what's needed, I guess.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by a peck on my cheek; the one that was bruised. The bruise was covered up with a band-aid now. Zayn smiled at me softly as I touched the bandage. "Do you remember that? That's how I used to help you with your sores when we were little. You were always getting hurt trying to keep up with me." A small smile crept up on my face as I thought about our days of innocence.

Zayn was literally the perfect child growing up. He always got straight A's; he was the captain of the Football (soccer) team; and he never misbehaved. Even though a lot of people know him by the nickname, "The Bradford Bad Boy," it's honestly just a misunderstanding. The only time Zayn ever got in trouble was when he was defending me. He fought boys that bullied me in Elementary and Middle school. And he fought boys that were "a little too friendly" when we were in High School. In the end, I was the reason why Zayn constantly got in trouble for fighting. It's kind of like I was no good for him, but he always told me otherwise.


12 Years Ago (9 Years Old)

It was lunchtime and as usual, I was sitting alone. I took a bite out of my sandwich as I attempted to ignore the ruckus that was happening across the room. The all famous Zayn Malik had a photo shoot  yesterday for a children's magazine and everyone thinks he's even more amazing now.

"Was it fun Zayn?!" Ally, Zayn's number one fan, asked him excitedly.

"Was what fun?"

"The photo shoot, silly! I bet they brought you lots of snacks." They all began to throw questions Zayn's way expecting him to answer every single one of them. I rolled my eyes before throwing my tray away.

"Well, they did bring me some cookies. But that's it. I ended up going out to eat with my family afterwards, though." Zayn continued his story, but I had began to walk out of the lunchroom. The noise died down as my distance from the lunchroom grew bigger and bigger. I have nothing against Zayn, I just find it really stupid that people are only interested in the cool things that he does; and all he does is soak up the attention. Doesn't it hurt to know that they aren't interested in you, but only in the things that you do? I just don't like that it's like that.

I found myself at the playground, since we have recess right after lunch. Majority of the people here are boys, since the girls are too busy drooling over Zayn. I sat on a swing where a group of three boys conversed with each other nearby. I could tell by the tone of their voices that they were mad. I began to listen to their conversation unknowingly.

"I can't stand that guy!"

"Yeah, he's a jerk!"

"He makes all of us look bad in front of the girls!"

"I wish Zayn would just leave already. He's nothing special. He's just a showoff."

"Yeah, we should teach him a lesson." Without thinking, I laughed at their complaining. They all looked at me with mean faces. I cleared my throat quickly and focused my eyes on the ground. "What's so funny, ugly?" They closed in on me while I was still on the swing. One of the boys grabbed a handful of my hair and snatched it quickly. I shot up out of my seat wincing from the pain. I stayed silent while trying to remove the hands of the boy grabbing my hair.

"How about we practice on her what we're going to do to Zayn." one of the boy's suggested. The other two nodded their heads in agreement before two of them pushed me down to the ground. I fell down to the ground and scraped my knee. They closed in once more as I squeezed my eyes shut bracing myself for whatever they were going to do.

"Hey! If you guys have something against me, then we can handle that! Don't take it out on some harmless girl!" a familiar voice hollered from across the playground. We all looked in the direction of the voice and saw that Zayn was the cause of the interruption.

"Now you're trying to play the hero too? You really do deserve what we're about to do to you." The boys drew their attention to Zayn as they all walked in his direction. One of the boys grew impatient and began to run. Zayn quickly balled up his fist, cocked back, and punched him square in his nose. He fell to the ground holding his nose crying. Fueled by anger, the other two boys ran in Zayn's direction as well. It all happened so fast. Punches were thrown; kicks were made; and they were definitely coming out with more than just a scrape. Surprisingly, however, Zayn was deemed victorious.

"Are you okay?" he asked me with a smile. His face was covered in bruises and his clothes were covered in dirt. He noticed the cut on my knee and pulled out a band-aid from his pocket. "My mom is a bit overprotective." He placed the bandage over my cut and pecked it once he was finished. My face turned tomato red.

"W-what was that for?" I struggled to get out.

"To make the pain go away." he said with another smile. Maybe he isn't such a bad guy.

Flashback Over

"I remember the first time you kissed one of my sores. You got into a lot of trouble that day." I finally said. I looked up at Zayn and could see the relief on his face. That's all he wanted in the first place. He just wanted to hear me say something. Zayn's happy face suddenly turned into a serious one.

"Listen Clair, I want to do this. I want to be a father to this child and I'm not gonna accept it any other way. I'm sorry for the negative things that's happened, but I want you to know that I can help you make it better. Just like I've always done." I was happy to hear those words.

It's true. Zayn really has had my back through every single thing I've been through. For as long as we've been friends, I already know that Zayn means what he says.

I nodded my head in agreement.

"I believe you Zayn and I always have. If you say that you want to help take care of this baby, then I believe you 110%." He shined me a wide smile before coming in to hug me tightly.

"Thanks for keeping your faith in me Clair. I never want to lose you." I could feel myself slowly relaxing in his arms.

The same thing goes for me. I would never want to lose Zayn. Not in a million years.

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