I Won't Mind

Cinclair is the best friend of Zayn Malik. He has just made it home after leaving tour early. Once he had made it home, he revealed to Cinclair that he had quit One Direction because he couldn't stand being away from his girlfriend, Perry Edwards, any longer. Sadly, Perry had found someone that was happy to spend time with her while Zayn was gone. Now Zayn is too depressed to go back on tour and join the group, so he just stays home all day sulking. Feeling the pain of her best friend, Cinclair tries to cheer up Zayn. While talking to Zayn, however, Cinclair finds herself in a weird place. Zayn's lips pressed up against hers. She has never found him attractive in that way, but she knows that he is doing this because he is in so much pain. So what is a best friend to do? She kisses him back.


7. Rain Check

A/N: I'm enormously sorry for the extreme delay on this story. I've been dealing with a lot of tough personal matters, so I had some serious writer's block. But I'm gonna try my best to stay motivated so that I can give you guys what you want.


Chapter 7: Cinclair's P.O.V


I placed my hand onto the sink as I carefully stepped out of the shower. The cold breeze caused me to shiver and to quickly retrieve my towel. I wrapped the towel around me as my long wet ginger hair flopped down on my back still dripping wet with water.

I feel so cleansed. I have to enjoy showers while still can. My doctor thinks it's better for me to take baths instead of showers. He says it'll be a more thorough and relaxed wash. I personally don't really like bathing in my own filth, but I'll do anything for my baby girl.

I opened the door letting all of the steam out and all of the cool air in. I shivered once again before exiting the bathroom. I peaked into the living room and could see Zayn sitting on the couch putting on his shoes. I developed a perplexed expression before approaching him.

"Hey Zayn. Are you leaving?" He looked up at me, but didn't say a word. His focus went back to his shoes. Once done, he got up and grabbed his camo jacket before sliding it on.

"I'm sorry Clair, but something came up and I won't be able to join you and your parents for dinner. Just tell them that I'm gonna have to take a rain check, okay?" He said with a serious expression. His eyes were filled with so many mixed emotions. It was obvious that he could either burst out into tears, or burst in happy laughter. I couldn't read him like I usually could, so I had no idea what to think. He walked to the door and rested his hand on the doorknob, getting ready to turn it in order to leave.

"What? You can't tell me what it is?" I asked trying to stop him from leaving.

"No...I can't. At least not right now. I have to see for myself first."

"See what for yourself?" I interrogated. I could tell that he was getting easily frustrated with me because I heard him release a heavy sigh. It's obvious that whatever it is, he's scared.

"Something Clair." He said a little harshly. I cringed at his aggression.

"Zayn" I called taking a small step closer. "even though things between you and I aren't like they used to be, you're still my best friend and you can still tell me anything." I confided in him. He stepped back away from the door a little and looked at me slightly without ever removing his hand from the knob.

"Things aren't the same, Clair. Things are a lot more different and a lot more complicated than they ever were before. So to be honest, I CAN'T tell you what's going on because I don't really know myself. That's why I have to go to find out."

"But Zayn-" Before I could finish my sentence, Zayn stopped me by adjusting his entire body my way and looking at me with a face mixed with sorrow and anger.

"There's nothing else to say, Clair! Don't ask me anything else because I WON'T tell you simply because I CAN'T tell you!!" He yelled at me engulfed by his emotions. I jerked back at his out burst and cringed at his reaction. Thanks to me being pregnant, my hormones are all over the place and I'm much more emotional than usual. I began to cry silently without uttering another word to him about where he might be going. His aggressive expression died down once he saw how scared I was, but he still didn't approach me. He quickly looked away and left the flat without even trying to comfort me. Silence washed over the whole room as I stood in the living room in nothing but the towel that I emerged from the bathroom in.

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