Enterainment Protectors Inc.

This story is about the men and women who protect video games, movies, and TV series from evil villians. The E.P.I. can go into all the video games etc. And stop the villian at it's source which is actually pretty cool!


6. Whoops! A Glitch!

Everyone opened their eyes and looked around. They were in a snowy and wooded area.

"Um... This doesn't look like NCIS..." Jason said.

"Of course it's not NCIS! We seem to have been taken to a Mortal Kombat X stage" Jake corrected.

"Well, everyone don't panic--" Kody begin.

"Were not panicking" Mercy retorted.

Kody sighed. "Whatever... Anyways we need to find a way to contacted The Director and tell him about the error."

Everyone jumped when they heard a voice.

"Four little kiddies. It would be my pleasure to kill them."

"AHHHH!!! It's.... It's.... I-Its..." Jason studdered.

"M-m-m-Meileena!!!" Jake finished.

Author Note: "Goodness! This feels like a cross-over scene with Scooby-Doo and Mortal Kombat!"

Mercy was havin' no time with this, she lunged at Meileena with no fear.

"You stupid bitch!" She yelled.

"Oh-ho-ho! So I'm the bit--ooofff!" Meileena was starting to say but was kicked in the stomach.

"You guys are a bunch of crying babies." Mercy said. She didn't notice Meileena getting back up.

"MERCY LOOK OUT!" The boys all yelled.

She turned just in time and dogded a fast attack.

"Whew! You stupid jerk." She said as she blew upwards to get a few hairs off her face.

Meileena got a few blades from her holsters.

"You have been a weak nuicence to me." She said.

"Girl. I...Will...End...You!" Mercy said with a smirk.

She pulled out a huge broad-sword out of her shirt.

Author: "Don't ask me how she did it... Cuz I have NO idea. I guess we all have to sacriface a little realism every once and a while."

They both jumped at each other at super fast speeds.

When the smoke cleared Meileena was on her knees on one side and on the other Mercy was standing in a swing position with that amazing smirk on her face.

Author: "Sorry to bother you again. But I'm warning you... If you haven't already noticed from the B-Word being used this isn't a story for everyone so just warning you about this next scene... It's a bit... gory."

Meileena gasped and shook and then split into to pieces and fell in a heap of bloody meat. Both pieces were twictching.

"Ewww." Jake said.

"Ha. You stupid bitch." Mercy said and put her blade in her shirt again.

"Well... Let's get going." Kody said.

"NOT SO FAST..." A mysterious voice said.

They all turned around and gasped.


Author: Well here is where I leave you guys... So please request any ideas or refenences you might want me to add. See you all later, And thank you so much for all the support! -TheBronyComicLord


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