Enterainment Protectors Inc.

This story is about the men and women who protect video games, movies, and TV series from evil villians. The E.P.I. can go into all the video games etc. And stop the villian at it's source which is actually pretty cool!


5. We Meet The Director!

Later Kody, Jake, Jason, and Mercy went to The E.P.I. Headquarters, The Director was waiting for them.

"Took you long enough." He scolded.

"Uh, yeah we got a little carried away with Jake... He had to finish the new episode of My Little Pony." Kody said.

"Whatever... Anyways, as you know we are under attack by an unknown villian." The Director said. "What we know is the virus is already attacking some of the top rated TV shows and video games."

"I hope one of them isn't MLP..." Jake said with a tear in his eye.

"Well, I think whoever this bitch is, We're gonna kick their sorry butt!" Jason protested.

The Director sighed and walked over to a super high-tech hologram projector and turned it on.

"We have offically finished building the Transcolorizer, An untested device that will send you four into any TV show or video game we want."

"Awwwwwesome!" Kody said with a twinkle in his eyes, Kody has always wanted to be in a real life video game.

"The first show you'll have to save is NCIS, people are saying that Agent Gibs have disappeared from the show for some reason. Find him and bring him back!" The Director ordered.

The four sat on the seats connected to the Transcolorizer and relaxed.

"How do we know this thing won't just vaporize us into dust?" Jake said with a shiver.

The Director went over to a lever and said "I don't know... Let's find out!" Then he stopped.

"I almost forgot. If you die in these worlds you die forever, Alright?"

But before anyone could respond he pulled the lever.


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