Enterainment Protectors Inc.

This story is about the men and women who protect video games, movies, and TV series from evil villians. The E.P.I. can go into all the video games etc. And stop the villian at it's source which is actually pretty cool!


4. The Next Morning...

Kody finally woke up again. He noticed everyone had already gotten up for breakfast.

"They leave me! Again!" He yells.

He got out of bed at looked at the computer, There was a My Little Pony ClopFic on it.

"Jake's been at it again." He said.

He got dressed at went out. The others were waiting for him with smiles.

"Good Morning Kody!" They all said.

"Jake made everyone pancakes." Jason said.

Kody sat at the table and looked at his pancakes. Heart-shaped... Like always.

Just as he was about to eat the big TV in the front started to go static.

"YOU SON OF A GLITCH!" Jason yelled "I have to fix it again..."

Just then a voice came from the speakers.

"I have planned to destroy all video games and TV series FOREVER!!!! I have a virus that will keep you from ever watching them again!" It said.

"This is bad...." Mercy said.


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