Enterainment Protectors Inc.

This story is about the men and women who protect video games, movies, and TV series from evil villians. The E.P.I. can go into all the video games etc. And stop the villian at it's source which is actually pretty cool!


3. Here We Gooooo!!!

Kody wakes up covered in his own sweat. He sat up trying to catch his breath, he placed his hand on his chest and his heart was beating at about 1000 times per minute.

"Crap." He muttered.

Kody knew he should talk to someone about these nonstop nightmares he has been having, But he's never thought about it he always thought that they were caused by playing too many horror games like Slender and Amnesia. But every time it was the same thing that dark figure with the mask.

"This is getting annoying now." He said.

He picked up his iPhone and pushed the ON button, His eyes closed as the bright screen turned on. He check the time.

"3:15 AM, Ugh." He said quietly finally remembering his three roommate on the other side of the room, They were sound asleep.

He suddenly jumped when a feminine voice asked:

"Are you watching porn again?" It was Mercy.

"No... Just checking the time." Kody tried to exclaim.

"Sure, That's what you said last time." She retorted.

"No really. Look." He said and showed her the iPhone.

"You got lucky this time" She said with a quiet giggle.

Kody wanted to ask her if she was having scary dreams. He took a deep breath and asked.

"Um... Mercy have you been having any Uh... Scary I guess... dreams?"

"You know nothing scares me, Right?" She said.

"Um..... Yeah, Sorry...." He said.

"Out of all people I ask her how stupid am I?!" He thought.

He decided to ask The Director in the morning...

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