End Up Here


5. It's just not fair

Ashton's P.O.V

So this "Andy" girl is here. Ugh, I wanna hate her but I just can't. But still it wasn't fair that she didn't call me and returned to Mexico the same day we were going on a date...or at least it was for me.


I really wanted to see this Andy girl so I texted her early this morning to ask her out tonight and she said yes!! Damn I'm so excited like she's soo beautiful!! She's got brown hair and eyes, her skin color is so pretty and her smile...god I really want to see her.


I was getting ready when I heard the news and this horrible car crash was going on route 32. All I could hear was that 2 teenagers were there and 1 was seriously injured. I do feel sorry for them but I'm too excited about this date that I didn't pay attention to the whole news.

So I arrived to the port where we were meeting and started thinking about what things we can do tonight...maybe we could go for an ice cream, a walk on the beach, or some skinny dipping...ugh Ashton focus. You just met her. So it was 9 o'clock, time for her to arrive.


Okay that's it. I'm not waiting for her anymore. Maybe 30 minutes late it's okay but 2 hours? A girl can't be that late. Oh and not calling like WHAT THE FUCK?! I'd never imagined Andy would be like this, a player...YEAH! that's what she is! Aaaaaagh it's not fair! I always get hurt when it comes to dates or girls. ASHTON! FOCUS! I just met this girl like what am I thinking, but still you can't do this to no one. I looked at my watch...whoosh it's almost 11pm...maybe I should just get home.


As I was driving for an ice cream, the next day, I passed through Andy's hotel. I could see many boys and girls sad outside getting all their backpacks and bags on the back of an über. I decided to park a few feet from the hotel and started thinking if I should go there, ask for Andy's room, surprise her with...um...just surprise her, we can talk or we can stay there. Yes. I should go.

"Um...hey!...hi? Excuse me?" I said to an old lady at the reception

"Hello! What can I help you with?"

"So, I'm looking for this Andy wait Andrea girl, you know, brunette with like a beautiful smile, amazing skin?" She just nodded at me with a smirk, was I that obvious? ""and...I wanted to see if you could give me her room number"

"Yes, so it's room...oh, sorry sir I'm afraid she ju-"

"Hey boy" She got interrupted by a small cleaning lady who tapped in my back.

"Yes?" I think I answered quite rude.

"Are you looking for Andrea, Andy?"

"Yes! Andr-Andy! Um do you know where she is?"

"Sorry kid but the only way you could see her is if you find a ticket to Mexico right now" When she said that I could believe it. Why the fuck would she accept going out with me tonight if she's actually going back to Mexico.

"Th-tha-thanks!" I said as I ran to the exit directly to my car.

"Sorry!" I told one of the sad boys as I ran into him. And dropped his backpack. I quickly helped him and I could tell I saw a picture of all of them and I could swear Andy was there, but maybe I'm just imagining things.

"Thanks Bro" he answered with a cracking voice. Wow they are sad...

As I got in my car I decided not to go for an ice cream now, so I just drove and drove, realising that I was seriously stupid if I thought I could have a chance with a girl I've know for less than a day.


We're heading to the airport and my heart is racing. I don't know why I'm so nervous about Andy coming. Well the good thing is that she's here for Luke not for me.

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