End Up Here


3. Finally...

Andy's POV

Finally. At the airport just waiting for Luke to pick me up. The flight was really long, I mean Mexico is quite far away from London. God, I really want to see this kid again. The last time i saw him was before he told me he was going to a band practice or something like that. It's been a long long long time, like 3 years maybe. My phone started ringing, but I don't recognise the number, though I decide to answer. "Hello?" "Hey...um, Andy?" Okay that is a sexy voice "Um yeah, Andy here" "Oh, Luke asked me to tell you that, he's a little late, but we're getting there, so...""Oh, okay thanks for letting me know that..." "Yeah, so...um...see you?" "Yep, see you". That was kinda awkward, I think he was one of Luke's friends he's been telling me about. I waited for like 30 minutes and started seeing how more and more girls started showing up with some t-shirts that said ‘5 Seconds of Summer' on them, and I think I even saw one with Luke's face. Though I'm not sure what I saw, that flight got me really tired so maybe it's my mind making up things.


I was sitting down on the floor, almost falling asleep, sitting and waiting for Luke to come pick me up. God, he's really impuctual, he doesn't answer his phone and I'm getting a little pissed off.

"Hello there!" I heard someone whisper in my ear. I got a little scared until I recognized his voice. "Lucas Hem-!" I tried to scream but he covered my mouth and pulled me up and grabbed my arm as he started walking faster, making our way to the parking lot. I noticed that he had clothes everywhere, like he was hiding or something. As we got outside there was a car waiting for us. I was quite fancy "Nice car you've got there" i told him. He just looked at me and smiled.

I noticed we weren't the only ones on the car. There were 3 more guys, they were all actually good looking. A brown haired guy like this asian type, this really really white guy with colored hair, I couldn't tell what exact color it was since he was wearing a snap back and this blonde guy who was like a little serious, he looked a little familiar to me actually but I didn't care that much, though his hair and arms

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