Between the Pines

"WILL YOU HANG WITH ME?" He snickered wildly. Did Riley even know what he was asking?

Destiny, a 17yr old girl is trapped in an old Victorian home for the summer. Her younger brother and older sister want nothing to do with her, but someone does. Riley, a ghost from the late 1800s develops a keen interest in her. The question is, is that a good thing?


4. Unseen

       Floating, I was floating in the darkness. Somewhere in the back of my head I registered that I had fallen asleep and that this was a dream, but my mind was too sluggish to fully comprehend it. I stood in the centre of nowhere, still in my pjs; where was I? Cries of fear erupted so suddenly from all around, I didn't have time to feel the air grow cold. They grew louder as an orange light blossomed before me. A single discernible sound rose above all else; the sound of a striking match rang loudly in the air, and the light that was just a quiet glow burst violently into a raging flame. 

I sat straight up in bed as if I were a rake that had been trodden upon. What on earth was that?! My head spun slightly at the fact that I had had such a morbid dream. Had my mothers meatloaf gone bad and done something to make me hallucinate? A loud thump sounded from the room next to mine. A chill thick with warning ran down my spine, there was someone in the library. Sarah? Maybe Cole, my mind tried to reassure me, but it knew all to well just how allergic my siblings pretended to be around books. Slowly, and as quietly as I could I hopped out of bed. The cold air hit me with a fast ball as I peeled the covers away, I thanked whatever God was silently watching that the bed didn't creek as I got up. My feet stung on the cold floor, but I didn't care, I was too occupied by the faint yellow light that washed the wall across from my room. The edges of it flickered in a flame like fashion... Had... Had the dream come true? Painfully slow I made my way to the door. CREAK! I cursed as one of the floor boards gave way under my foot.

Whoever was in the library must have panicked, because a loud bang proceeded to my room. More scuffling noises were made, and I bolted out to the hall. I single candle flickered silently on the wooden table, a chair had been flipped over, and the window next to the book shelf was open. I entered cautiously, weary of being grabbed from behind. I did a complete 360 sweep of the room, but there was no one left. My body still shook with adrenaline as I approached the window to close it. We were on the second floor, and there was no tree near he house. Weakly I shut the squeaky frame, before tuning to right the chair. The candle... Did I have to blow it out? It seemed like its light was the only thing keeping me safe. My only salvation from the darkness, and the creatures that inhabited it. I hesitantly leaned over to gaze at the flame, before blowing it out with the breath I'd been holding. 

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