Between the Pines

"WILL YOU HANG WITH ME?" He snickered wildly. Did Riley even know what he was asking?

Destiny, a 17yr old girl is trapped in an old Victorian home for the summer. Her younger brother and older sister want nothing to do with her, but someone does. Riley, a ghost from the late 1800s develops a keen interest in her. The question is, is that a good thing?


9. If not let me sleep.

My eyes felt as if they’d been glued shut and my head pounded. Everything was so fuzzy; my thoughts a weird jumble of mixed messages. I could hear the wind make the tree’s moan, and, and hands holding my lightly. Raindrops speckled the surface of my skin. It felt so good to be outside just listening to the nature around me. No, there were no more of the clouds that interrupted my thoughts, I simply wanted to stay here; here were the wind called me softly and a stranger held me like I was the most precious gift in the world.

I couldn’t though could I? Dreams never last an eternity, and besides, most of the time they turn into nightmares. Nightmares. Who was holding me? Slowly I peeled my eyes open and let reality take me once again. A blank white slate of a face greeted me; who was this stranger? I raised my head some to look out around me, I was in a clearing, the same one as before. Above us the sky cried its heart out; we would have been soaked if not for the willow tree. How perfect, “a weeping willow”. We sat there for some time as I tried to piece together the happenings of beforehand, and just how I’d managed to have my head lying in this strange man’s lap. Puzzling wasn’t helping any, and in the end I just gave up.

“Who are you?”

Raindrops curled into streams of water that resembled tears on his face; it made him look a little more human. The blank slate didn’t seem to look at me directly as he answered, “That’s your question? Most would have asked what before who.” His lower jaw twisted into a half sneer, though I didn’t feel it was directed at me. “My name is the only thing I have left now, why should I give it to you?”

I tried my best to shrug indifferently, but it was a little hard considering my head was in his lap. Instead I pushed myself up out of his light grip; there was no need to be here any longer. We stood at the same time, but I was the only one to dust myself off. The rope still hung in the tree swaying lazily in the wind, and now that I looked, there was in fact a skeleton there. Things slowly came back to me as I trudged around the large tree. I had come out to read, and had tied a thread to a tree in order to find my way back, but where were they now? I had dropped them by that gully I’d fallen into hadn’t I? My gaze shifted back to the weird ‘person’ standing at my side; I was taking this a little too well for my liking.

“Do you know the way back?” the question hung in the air seemingly addressed to no one. I sighed vacantly; so much had gone wrong already on this “vacation”.

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