Between the Pines

"WILL YOU HANG WITH ME?" He snickered wildly. Did Riley even know what he was asking?

Destiny, a 17yr old girl is trapped in an old Victorian home for the summer. Her younger brother and older sister want nothing to do with her, but someone does. Riley, a ghost from the late 1800s develops a keen interest in her. The question is, is that a good thing?


6. I am wrapped in my own darkness,

I nearly fell over as I scrambled over to the mirror; it wasn’t a hallucination. BURN was written clearly across the corner of the face of the mirror. I touched the cool glass with the tip of my finger, dragging it over the etching. It was still rough, not worn down by the ages.

“What are you doing up so early? You woke me up.” I nearly jumped out of my skin as Sarah whisper yelled at me. I spun around to face my angry sibling, she didn’t look her best. Her eyes were puffy from crying and her golden hair was frizzing around the edges. Shrugging I walked past her into the kitchen, I wasn’t in the mood to play her games this morning.

Thumping on the stairs indicated that she had gone back up to her room. I was grateful to have a small reprieve from her drama. I fished bread out of the cupboard, still tossing the happenings of this morning and last night in my head. Someone was defiantly sneaking around the house, but why? I had heard that old houses usually had stashes of money leftover due to the fact that the baby-boomer generation liked to keep their savings at home. Old desks, fireplaces, and even basements had secret compartments in them. Perhaps the person was looking for something of value left behind. I grabbed a skillet from one of the drawers after looking around for the toaster. Turns out the house only had a stove, a fridge, and a freezer for kitchen appliances. Buttering the bread slightly I set it on the hot pan; I was barely able to find the jam before my toast stared to burn.

Setting the pan in the sink, I placed my charred toast on a plate and proceeded back into the sitting room. Strawberry jelly did nothing to mend the blackened taste of the bread, but I kept eating anyway. If I had had such a hard time in the kitchen, then Sarah and Cole were doomed.

Quickly I finished the awful breakfast, and shoved the plate into the sink. Just as I turned on the water to wash my hands the terror’s descended from the second floor. Cole yawned as he entered the kitchen with his older sister gazing at her phone behind him. “Do we have any pancakes?” his squeaky prepubescent voice was enough to make most strangers laugh; that is, until they got to know him. I glanced in his direction before shaking my head no. “How about eggs and bacon?”  Again I shook ‘no’. I didn’t stay in the room long enough for him to complain that there was nothing to eat.

Thudding back upstairs I retrieved a set of clothes for the day and headed back down to the washroom. By the time I had gotten past Cole who demanded I make him something to eat, Sarah was already in the washroom. I waited God knows how long before I gave up and went to make my little imp burnt strawberry jam toast. Needless to say that I was relieved when Sarah came out of the bathroom suggesting that her and Cole go down into town today to get actual food. They left shortly after I changed clothes.

A grin crept slowly across my face; I was alone in a house full of books.

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