Between the Pines

"WILL YOU HANG WITH ME?" He snickered wildly. Did Riley even know what he was asking?

Destiny, a 17yr old girl is trapped in an old Victorian home for the summer. Her younger brother and older sister want nothing to do with her, but someone does. Riley, a ghost from the late 1800s develops a keen interest in her. The question is, is that a good thing?


3. by those around me.

             Ever since I can remember I’ve known that I wasn’t the favorite child. For some reason I was a jagged piece in their otherwise round edged puzzle. I remember being alone a lot, not being invited or even included in some family decisions. My little brother, six years younger than me often broke my things. Sarah paid me no attention until it was absolutely necessary, not that I cared. I had lived seventeen years without attention, and I didn’t need it now.  

            Suddenly tired from the long day I trudged upstairs to put on some pj’s and head to sleep. My room was the furthest from the stairs, right next to the library to allow easy access. I pulled out a pair of pj bottoms from my suitcase on the bed, and a night shirt that matched roughly. The room was a plain white color with paint cracking at the seams. Besides a bed there was a chair and a dresser in the confined space. A window with no curtains allowed moon light to enter the room and settle on the dusty floor. The bed sheets were from the house, so at least there was that comfort.

             I took my clothes down stairs to change seeing as how there was no door on any other room in the house. The bathroom was on the far right of the house right next to a closet converted into a laundry room. Its paint job was a little more recent, having a hospital green ting to it. There was a bath tub and shower in the corner and an old rusty sink across from the toilet. I changed quickly, as if the air in the room was toxic to the exposed parts of my body. On my way back upstairs I spotted Sarah searching for a signal on the phone she had smuggled into the house. Cole was playing Minecraft on his computer which he had also gotten in somehow. Mom and dad had probably let them take their toys with them, and I being the good girl of the family had left my e -reader at home, so much for that. Quietly I muttered goodnight before turning in the direction of the stairs; no one answered.

            Creaking my way up the steps, I made my way back into my room. Turning my light off I slipped under the covers. Today was an especially long day, between driving here, and having to listen the sound of whining siblings. Perhaps this place wouldn’t be so bad. There was a forest just outside of the house ready to be discovered, and rows and rows of books just in the other room waiting to be read. Something was missing though… music I thought. I always listened to music as I slept; being eight weeks without it was going to be a challenge.

Cole and Sarah went to bed after me, I don’t know when. There’s no clock in my room; not that I would bother to check it anyway. I was trying to sleep without much success. Every time I would drift off slightly, some noise from the forest outside woke me. It wasn’t like I wasn’t used to it. We lived near the bush when we were at home too; but this, this wasn’t our forest. It was foreign and it wasn’t helping me fall asleep.   

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