Killer Therapist

We all have that one artist or band that we love and think that they can never do anything wrong. Well at least that's what I had thought and it turned out I was wrong. The most famous boy band ever has killed someone and are trying to cover their horrible crime up. But I won't let them, one way or another the truth will come out.


4. Chapter Two

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope you like this next chapter.


Chapter Two

"What is going on?" Aaron speaks up as he steps into the living room. He still had his pajamas on and he had bags under his eyes, indicating that he was still tired.

"Since everyone is here, we can get started." James looked over at everyone. Aaron and Charlie looked at each other, as if they were trying to figure out what was going on.

"So I may have gotten into trouble with the law, but I have a way to avoid going to jail," James added and eyes everyone. "Damon, can you get me your camera?"

Damon went to his room and picked up his camera that was on a table. He sighed and went back to the living room.

By late afternoon, their manager called them to have a meeting.

"Face the Earth has been all over the news," Their manager growled out. "From magazines to talk shows." He adds and puts the magazines onto the desk. Some of them read 'Face the Earth does drugs' and 'Face the Earth is falling apart?'

James smirked and laughed, remembering that they made a fake video of them doing drugs and they posted it to Twitter. Their manager glared at James and spoke up, "All of you are going to see a therapist, since you can't handle yourselves,"

Damon opened his mouth but closed it. As long as it distances James from the murder then he will go along with seeing a therapist.

"Fine." Damon croaked out and waited for everyone to agree with him. Everyone agreed and they left the building.

Aaron groans as he opens the car door. He sits in the passenger seat thinking about what has just happened. What did James do that would get him in trouble with the law? And really did the band need a therapist just because they liked having fun? Other things crossed his mind as the boys filled the car. He sighed to himself not wanting to question himself with his questions anymore and just wanted some rest.

When the boys arrived to their hotel , they split. Some going into their rooms others to the dining room to get some dinner. James went to his room to think about what he had done. It hasn't left his mind since that night he killed the girl. He kept wondering what pursued him into doing so? He wasn't angry or sad at all, sure he had some problems but everyone does.

While he laid on his bed, letting himself be consumed by his thoughts he heard a loud bang on his door and sighed. What did his band mate want? He wasn't in the mood to eat or play pranks like they always did. Picking up his slim body off from the bed, he walked over to the door and opened it slightly just so he was able to talk.

"What do you want?" he asked Damon with an annoyed look. If his friend couldn't tell he wanted to be alone then they would have some issues. He even voiced out his thoughts when Damon had not said anything. "Can you not tell I want to be left alone," he added.

That got the attention of the boy who has just been staring at him. Realizing he had ignored James's question, he cleared his voice and answered. "Are you okay man, you've been acting a bit strange since the day we went to that bar?"

James knew his band mate was only concerned for his well being and that didn't bother him. What made him uneasy was the fact he had killed a girl and couldn't talk about it. Because really how do you tell someone you have ended a persons life? Somethings are just meant to be kept to yourself.

Nodding his head lightly, James gave a warm smile to his concerned friend and kept the dark secret that wanted to jump out and be heard by the world.

Before Damon could say another word, the door was closed and a barrier was placed in between the two friends. He let out a soft groan and walked away from the door to go get dinner. In the back of his mind, he thought about James's strange behavior.

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