Killer Therapist

We all have that one artist or band that we love and think that they can never do anything wrong. Well at least that's what I had thought and it turned out I was wrong. The most famous boy band ever has killed someone and are trying to cover their horrible crime up. But I won't let them, one way or another the truth will come out.


3. Chapter One

Chapter one:

As the boys piled up in the car the next day, Charlie noticed there was a red stain on one of the seats. "What's this?" Charlie says as the boys look his way. James eyes widened at what he asked and he mumbled something under his breath. He was trying to figure out what to say but nothing came to mind.

Damon looked over his shoulder to find James looking afraid. James shrugged and whispered "You can tell them, I trust them to not tell anyone else." Damon shook his head, he thought it was a terrible idea to tell the others about what happened last night.

"Better to keep it a secret," Damon replied. James turned back to look out the window. James didn't know what to do, he had just murdered someone.

"I spilled some juice from the bar," Damon replied and found a cup on the ground. "See." he holds the cup in front of the boys.

Charlie raised an eyebrow, he didn't really buy the story about red juice. He decided not to say anything, though it was just his brain thinking up nonsense. "Well you better clean it up." He said before going back to his phone.

Damon rolled his eyes and started driving to their recording studio. Aaron sat quietly in the back, watching the view from his window. He was always the quiet one of the group, never really saying or doing much. But he wasn't stupid and knew something was up with Damon and James.

Once the boys arrived at the studio, Charlie and Aaron went to recording while James and Damon went somewhere to talk privately.

James dragged Damon to the back of the studio, away from their band mates. He looked nervous and a little bit tired.

"Did you get any sleep last night?" Damon asked concerned.

James shook his head, waving one hand in the air. "Doesn't matter right now," He replied softly even though no one could hear them. "We need a plan to cover up what I did." he added, he sounded worried and scared.

Damon didn't understand why though, they went back and got rid of the evidence, nothing would be traced back to them. "But why? It's not like we left anything behind." he asked hoping that James didn't leave anything behind.

James let out a nervous laugh, he was guilty of doing something that could get him and the rest of the band in huge trouble. "Well you see um," he started off slowly and stared at the ground for a while.

As of right now, Damon was getting a bit annoyed at him, he was tapping his foot and had his arms crossed, giving James a death glare. Why was he wasting his time? If he had something to say, he should just come out with it. "Speak up will you." he said impatiently.

"My fingerprints might be on her body and also I may or might have not left the gun." James blurted out. He started laughing, trying to get rid of the nerves.

Damon stared at James and glared at him. Why would he not get rid of the evidence? Did he want to get caught and end up going to jail? Did he want the band to suffer over what he has done?

"Why are you being so careless? Do you want to get caught?" Damon yelled at James. How could he do this?

James sighed and was about to say something when Charlie walked over to them. "Would you two knock it off!" He yelled at them.

James nodded and walked over to Aaron. They started talking about the lyrics and the music of a song they were currently doing.

"I know something is up, I don't want to know what it is but keep it to yourselves." Charlie admits to Damon. He nods and walks with Charlie over to the others.

Once they were done recording for the day, they all agreed to go back to the apartment that they were renting for their concert.

"I have a plan." James says to Damon as they walked together towards their apartment door.

Aaron unlocked the door to the apartment and looked over at Damon and James and paid close attention to their conversation.

Damon noticed Aaron looking at them and said "Yea, did you see how big that crowd was? Everyday it seems like we are gaining more and more fans."

James caught on and said "Yea, im really glad we are getting more popular everyday."

They all entered the apartment and went towards their bedrooms. Damon and James had to share their own room because their was only three bedrooms. They both got changed to go to bed. "Have everyone meet tomorrow in the kitchen." James says as he brushes his teeth.

Tomorrow was going to be the night that he was going to get into a huge mess with his band.

"Goodnight." Damon said as he shut the bedroom door and went to lay on his bed.

"Goodnight." James mumbled as he finished brushing his teeth and went to bed.


I finally updated, hope you like it, I would appreaciate if you take your time and comment on this chapter and tell me if I should continue writing it.

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