Some Confusion

You moved. Your new best friend omits that he likes you, next thing you know your other friend convinces you to cheat and then someone else comes into the picture... What happens next...


6. The beginning

Hi, my name is Alex Taylor Lambert. I have been 17 for a month now. I have blonde hair and green eyes. I love YouTube videos and Supreme pizza. My favorite colors are orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. My favorite bands are 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction. I have to move from New York City to London tomorrow, fun right. I have to leave all my friends and my boyfriend..... or Ex-boyfriend.


(A-Alex, J-Jake)

A- Hey Jake

J- Yeah

A- I have something important to tell you

J- Whaattt....

A- You know how my dad is getting remarried right.

J- Yeah and I'm very happy for you and him *he puts his arm around me making me blush*

A- Well we have to move in with her

J- Ok

A- To London.....


A- About a week...

J- WHAT! You know what, at first I felt bad but I don't anymore, I've have been having an affair with Miranda. 12 months out of our 13 months of dating. How do you like that. WE ARE OVER!

A- GET OUT, I FUCKING HATE YOU, YOU ASSHOLE, *door slams* Why me *runs to room crying*

----------------------------Back to Reality------------------------------

I already saw him kissing the slut of the town when I drove to the gas station, only 4 hours after the breakup. It looked like they were gonna do each other right there. Both shirts off and Jake in his boxers on top of Miranda. I honked and drove home as fast as I could crying even more for that night.

At least when I move I get a car and a walk in closet. I don't know much about my dad's finance. I love to travel the world but I don't want to be stuck in one spot. I just can't wait to move though because the week after we move I get to go to my favorite bands in concert, that's right I got tickets. At least this move won't be a total shithole. I better go to sleep, I have to be up by 4 in the morning to get on the plane and its 12:30 already.

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