Some Confusion

You moved. Your new best friend omits that he likes you, next thing you know your other friend convinces you to cheat and then someone else comes into the picture... What happens next...


3. Settling in

I looked around my room and saw everything I could ever want. I had light purple walls with a grass colored green carpet. I had a mini chandelier above my bed. My bed was a king size with a color comforter. It spelled my name, Alex, in my favorite colors. I also liked the black background it had.

To my left I walk into a room that has bright blue walls and a black tile floor. It's the bathroom. I have a walk in shower and a tub! I also have a toilet with a seat warmer, a sink with counter space, and a few shelves to hang my makeup and stuff. I bring my bathroom bag in and go into the room on the other side of my bed.

I see shelves and hangers everywhere, it's the walk in closet that is as big as my old bedroom. I even have a couch in here. I put my bags in there and look around the rest of my room. I have a piano in the corner and a guitar beside. I can't wait to start playing those. I have a flat screen with a WII and a X-box. I have another couch out here and a bean bag. I see a white desk in the corner with a new laptop and a book bag, yay for school(sarcasm). I have a wall with a big window on it. I look out and see that driveway and a like our passed that.

Mel knocked on the door and asked if I needed any help and we got right to work. Once we were done we decided to chat.

Mel- don't you just love how it looks out there, this is probably my favorite room in the house to look out the window of.

Alex- why

M- it's because I feel like I'm flying. Or maybe because I got to spend a lot of time in your room while decorating it. I just love how it looks.

A- I can tell you put a lot of effort in my room and I really appreciate it. I know what you are saying though. Your the same level of the treetops here and it feels like your walking on the clouds.

M- looks like my son is here with the pizza, how about you come down and meet him.

A- ok

Do you like the story so far? If you want to choose the brother please put a name, age, height, eye color, hair color, personality. I might have Alex's real brother like him so be open and creative. Thanks for the 234 reads!


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