ripped skjnny jeans l.h

He let go of my waist.
"I told you I had my eye on someone."He tucked a piece of my hair back.I smiled.
"Does this mean I'm your new friend with benefit?"I smirked.
"Oh love you're going to be a lot more."He smirked back
"Oh and by the way, I like your ripped skinny jeans."he smirked and I walked away
I swear, I hate Luke Hemmings


1. Sydney, Australia


"Are you ready Pumpkin?"My dad asked me while pulling his suitcase to the car and putting it in."I guess."I mumbled. I'm really going to miss California.If it wasn't for this girl my dad married in Sydney I would still be in the place I loved the most.I think her name was Joy. Joy Hood. I hate names like Joy and Faith because literally you're naming your kids after happiness and kids aren't happiness they're hell. At least that's what my mom told my Dad and me when she left us.My dad took my suitcase and placed it in his Jeep.The trip to the airport was silent, except for me quietly humming I miss you by Blink 182.We parked in a empty space at the parking lot and my dad got our suitcases out and have mine to me."Pumpkin?"My dad said quietly. "Yes dad?"I mumbled. "Are you mad at me? At Joy?"He mumbled."No, just upset."I said quickly and put in my headphones. I listened to some bands like Green Day, Blink 182, and 5 Seconds of Summer.

"Flight from Sacramento to Sydney, Australia boarding starts now."the lady said through the speaker. I sighed.Time to go meet my new "Family".My dad had left to go call someone, I'm guessing it was Mrs.Hood aka my new stepmom.I decided to text my best friend and tell her goodbye I guess. I scrolled on my contacts until I found my best friends number


Me:I'm going to miss you:(

Lainey:I'm going to miss you too, I can't believe your day is making you go there

Me: I know right, I'm getting on the plane now but I'll face time you soon

Lainey: have fun and good luck girl:)

Lainey has been my best friend since I was 2. I can't believe I have to leave her now. I'm 17. I promised her that when I'm 18 I'll either move back to the States or she'll move to Australia.

"Flight 182 Sacramento,CA to Sydney, Australia repeat, Flight 182 Sacramento, CA to Sydney, Australia." the lady said.

"Time to go Pumpkin."My dad sadly smiled at me. I nodded and blinked away some tears as we got on the flight.

*After flight*

"Tay, Joy texted me and said the movers finished so we don't have to unpack."My dad smiled. I haven't seen him smile in a while. It was nice to see him happy. I nodded.We got our bags and went outside. "Steve Channing, black jeep."A young man said threw a microphone. "Ah that's me."Dad said and he showed the man his ID.My dad put the keys in his car. "You'll like the house.Its as big as are house in Cali, maybe even a little bigger."My dad smiled. "Cool."I said trying to sound interested.We pulled into the driveway and got out of the car. "Steve?"A young looking woman asked, coming out of the house.(pretend she looks really young and pretty😂) "Joy, I'm so glad to see you love!"My dad ran up to her and gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek. "Fucking PDA dad."I mumbled and a teenage boy who was watching, chuckled at my statement.I walked over to him. "Wait, Calum?"I said in shock. "Tay,What the hell are you doing here?!"Calum practically yelled. Everyone went back into the house. "Oh good news Cal, Our parents are married to each other!"I threw my hands in the air, yelling at him.Calum face palmed and I ran upstairs to my room. I've hated Calum ever since I was 4.


"Lainey lets make a secret code."I giggled. We were on a platform at the playground. She nodded in agreement.We were making the code when a little boy pulled on my ponytail."My friend likes you!"Calum pointed to his friend."What is both of you're names?" I stood up,crossing my arms."Taylor, don't do this." Lainey shook her head. I ignored her."I'm Calum and he's Luke." he said proudly."Well Calum that was very rude of you to pulled on my hair." I said sassily."I wanted you to know he likes you!" He protested,crossing his arms.Lainey sat down and Luke sat down either as we fought. "I have major COOTIES in my hair because of YOU!"I yelled at him."and I have major COOTIES from YOU spitting in my face!" he yelled back. Lainey pulled me away from Calum."I hate you Calum Hood." I spat. "And I hate you Taylor Channing."Calum spat,making me even more furious.

end of flashback

I heard a knock on the door and prayed it wasn't Joy or Calum.I opened the door and saw my dad with a sympathetic look on his face."Look Pumpkin, I'm sorry about this. I didn't know but I'm so happy with Joy and-" I cut my dad off. "Dad when I called you over when me and Calum fought when I was 4, and his mom and you came over, did you guys fall in love?"I blurted, instantly regretting it."Well actually no. It was 4 years later when I ran into her at a coffee shop.thats when I knew. For two years it was only skinny love though. It started when you were 10."he looked down sadly."oh."I said looking down as tears rolled down my cheeks."I just wanted to let you know Calum's friends are coming over."He mumbled, leaving soon after. I decided to face time Lainey like I said I would. I grabbed my laptop and sat on my bed.After three rings she answered,"Hey Tay, what's new?" she said."You're hair! It's blue!"I exclaimed, looking at her beautiful dyed hair."Do you like it?"She said shyly."Love it, you look great."I smiled. Someone then knocked on my door. "Hold on."I told her while opened my door."Hi I'm Michael but you can call my Mikey." a boy with dyed hair said.Calum and two other boys ran upstairs with him."Michael."Calum scolded."Yes?"he said innocently sitting on my bed."You're not supposed to be" he said as his face softened."Oh, it was nice meeting you.Lainey you have my number right?"he said to her on my computer. She nodded and they both smiled. "You never told me your stepsister is hot."A blonde boy with a lip ring said. I looked over to him and smiled.He smirked and winked at me then looked back at Calum."She's not."Calum rolled his eyes. "Love you too."I said sarcastically.Another blonde guy but with curly hair said,"Shouldn't we practice?" They agreed and went down except the guy with the curly hair. I raised my eyebrow when I noticed him. "I'm Ashton, I'm guessing you already met Mikey and Calum and the one with the lip ring is Luke." he smiled. "Nice to meet you, hopefully we can hang out with my brother-I mean stepbrother interrupting."I smiled."Sure thing."he smiled back and left my room. I started thinking,

I can't believe first of all that I almost called Calum my brother, calling him my stepbrother already makes me want to puke, and also Luke.He was really cute. Hopefully we can see each other soon.

I spent the next 3 hours shopping online,texting old friends,preparing for school that happens to start in one week, and listening to music.I blared my music and 5 seconds of summer English love affair came on. I groaned. The last thing i wanted to hear was Calum's voice.I tried to skip the music when the boys burst into my bedroom,anxious because of the song on my phone."You listen to our music."Calum smirked.I rolled my eyes."I can't stand you Calum." I shook my head.He then grabbed my phone."Hey!" I said,shocked." How about now?"Calum smirked,running off with my phone."Calum Hood!" I yelled, following him.Eventually I jumped on his back and he spun me around until we were both dizzy and fell.The boys ran downstairs to see us dizzy and laughing.Michael took apiculture of us and said,"That's a keeper."and he showed it to everyone. We then grabbed each other's phones and put our numbers in them.





I laughed at the contact names they gave themselves.I looked specifically at Luke's which was a emoji that smirked, memories eh? Awe all settled down later to watch a movie.They decided to Insidious 3 which I hated, but Calum already knew that. Actually Calum knew everything about me. You think we would be best friends but no. I sat next to Luke and Mikey. I flinched every time something scary happened and Luke would look down and chuckle. As the girl popped out again I literally almost peed my pants."Holy s-"I yelled, right as my dad walked in to interrupt me. "Taylor Allyson."My dad scolded. I have him a sympathetic look and he got a water bottle and left.I flinched again at one of the scary scenes. "God you're such a wimp."Luke smirked.

"Well maybe if you stopped whispering 'boo' in my ear I would stop."I smirked back at him."Or maybe..I could try something different."he whispered in my ear.Butterflies erupted in my stomach and my eyes were soon wide. I slapped his arm playfully.It was getting late and most of the boys were asleep except Ashton and I think Luke was still up.He snaked his arm around my waist pulling me closer to him.I cuddled up into his chest embracing his warmth. I suddenly wasn't really scared anymore. It was like no one else was there but me and him. And that's what I wanted more than anything.


boring af sorry about that but I promise it will get interesting really soon love you all <3


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