ripped skjnny jeans l.h

He let go of my waist.
"I told you I had my eye on someone."He tucked a piece of my hair back.I smiled.
"Does this mean I'm your new friend with benefit?"I smirked.
"Oh love you're going to be a lot more."He smirked back
"Oh and by the way, I like your ripped skinny jeans."he smirked and I walked away
I swear, I hate Luke Hemmings


2. first day fight


one week later

This was it. My first day of school in Australia. Being nervous was an understatement. Literally everyone knew I was Calum's step sister and I knew I was going to get in trouble for it. I sighed. I curled my hair by the tips and put salt spray in my hair to make it look natural. I put on high ultra ripped skinny jeans and a neutral looking blue Zara crop top and Aeropostale white leather t strap sandals to go with it. I put on a light shade of pink lipstick and went downstairs."You look nice."Calum's mom complimented me. "Thanks." I smiled and sat down. Calum soon came downstairs too."Good morning sweetie."His mother chirped. "Morning Mum."he grumbled. I finished eating breakfast and went upstairs to brush my teeth and redo my lipstick.I went back into my bedroom and grabbed my phone and my Jansport black backpack and headed downstairs with Calum. Since we were so close to school, Our parents made us walk to school. I put in my headphones and started listening to my music until we reached our school."There's the office just tell them your first and last name and they'll have very thing you need."He said quickly rushing to go somewhere I guess. "how sweet of him to show me around this huge school."I thought to myself. I walked into the office. "Name?"the office lady asked. "Taylor Allyson Ch-Hood."I corrected myself."Here's your schedule and exemption card from homework for the first few days in classes since you're completely new."She smiled sweetly and handed me my stuff. I thanked her and looked at my schedule;

Adv Science |1st period | Dan Biiterman

P.E | 2nd period| Addison Floyd


Adv Language Arts|3rd period| Mia Stewart

Study Hall| 4th period|guidance consulars

Adv Civics|5th period| Shari Neil

Art| 6th period| Amanda O'Brien

College circular| 7th period| Shelby Nolan

Off to Advanced science I guess.I was in all advanced classes plus extra college circular so I would have 2 years of college done when I graduate from high school. Ok I guess I'm a nerd but everyone was back in California so you can't really blame me. I was walking when I accidentally bumped into someone."I'm so sorry."I kneeled down, helping her pick up her books. "It's no problem.I'm Zoe."She smiled."I'm Taylor."I smiled back.We started walking together."So what's your first class?Zoe asked me and I showed her my schedule."Advanced Science Eh?"Her thick Australian accent kicking in.I nodded.We were walking when we saw many people crowding around in a circle, focusing on two girls."Oh no.Not again."Zoe mumbled."Who are they?"I asked, staring at the girls. "Valeria is the "blonde", she's the most popular girl in school even though no one likes her,and over there, the brunette is Amelia, kind of the rebel at school."She explained to me. We huddled next to the group surrounding Valeria and Amelia. "You little b*tch."Valeria growled."I didn't do anything with Luke!"Amelia threw her hands up, frustrated. "I've heard things."Valeria snapped."Maybe it was some other girl."Amelia rolled her eyes."Everyone said it was YOU."Valeria stamped her foot. Wow how mature."Well do you have any evidence it was ME?"She crossed her arms.Valeria huffed,knowing she was defeated. "We deal with this later."She rudely pointed at her and stomped away with her friends. Calum came up to me."You stay away from her."Calum pointed at me. "Calum what did I do?!"I asked. "No one else was around him but you last night. I'm expecting both of you to not tell anyone."He sighed and walked away. "You know Calum already?"Zoe asked, obviously confused. "He's my stepbrother."I mumbled."Oh well I got to go to class now but good luck."She said and walked to her class.I walked into Mr.Biiterman's class. No one except for me and him were in the class "Uh hi Mr.Biiterman, I'm Taylor Hood."I smiled, trying to be nice."Yes,Taylor Allyson Channing Hood?"He asked and I nodded. "You're the only Sophomore in this class."He smiled and I smiled back."Sit anywhere you'd like."He said friendly.The bell rang and students filled the classroom. A girl with dark brown hair twitch Amber tips sat down next to me."I'm Julia, I'm guessing your the sophomore?"She asked, facing towards me."Yep, I'm Taylor."I smiled at her. "Cool, since you're new, just giving you a tip to stay away from Luke Hemmings."she said, getting her notebook out of her bag. "What's so bad about Luke?"I asked her, thinking about the previous night. "Bad boy, I'm not talking about talkin' back to the teachers, like for real no good." She told me. I nodded. All of things about Luke, he can't be that bad. Another bell rang, signaling that any kid not in class would be late.Luke kicked open the door and sat down in the back seat. Mr.Biiterman raised his eyebrow, but said nothing."Oh god."Julia Mumbled. "Mr.Hemmings, glad to see you could show up."He rolled his eyes and Luke shrugged.I couldn't help but stare at him.He noticed I was staring at him and smirked.I looked down and blushed.I took out my phone and played a random game until I got a text;

unknown: How did you get your work done so quickly?

me: Who is this?

unknown: who do you think it is?

me: Hi Luke

unknown: Hi Tay

me: how did you get my number?

unknown:you never answered my question

me:you never answered mine

unknown: Calum, answer mine now

me: Guess I'm just smart

unknown: smart lil sophomore

me: sure

I smiled at our conversation.He looked up at me and but hip lip. I looked down trying to hide my blush.The bell then rang. I caught up with Zoe so we could walk together."What went on in 1st period?"Zoe asked."Luke Hemmings."I shrugged."Luke Hemmings eh?"She chuckled. I nodded."Hate to tell us this but Luke's in our PE class too."She chuckled lightly.I gulped."So how was first period?"I changed the subject."Pretty good the class was easy and I got to see my boyfriend."She smiled."Who's your boyfriend?"I wiggled my eyebrows."Ashton Irwin."She blushed."Cute."I told her. We walked in to Pe class. About 40 people were in the class, including Luke."I'm Coach Floyd, You have the choice of playing kickball or sitting on the bleachers."A middle aged woman said and walked off to her office."Lets go sit on the bleachers."Zoe said and we sat down. "Zoe,look."I Stared at Luke and Valeria.Valeria had her hands on her hips and Luke had his hands in his hair. Minutes later,Valeria stormed off."What just happened?"Zoe asked,shocked.I pulled my phone out.

Me:What happened w/u and Val?

Luke:Cal invited me over 2day tell you then


I put my phone away.I looked up to see Calum giving me a death glare.I sighed. The bell then rang.I walked off with Zoe to the Cafeteria."Do you want to meet my friends?"Zoe asked me."Sure."I smiled. We walked to table where a brunette, red head, and a black haired girl."Hey, this is Taylor.Taylor this is Mackenzie , Lauren, And Cassidy."She said.(red head-Cassidy,black haired-Lauren,brunette,-Mackenzie)"Um hi."I said and sat down.Zoe sat besides me. "Um Tay,Luke's been staring at you for like 5 minutes."Cassidy shifted in her seat.I looked over at Zoe and she shrugged.I looked over at Luke who quickly turned his head to Valeria.Guess they made up from their little fight.I sighed."False Alarm?"Mackenzie asked me. I shrugged."Do you guys know each other?"Lauren asked."Uh we met like a week ago,not a lot happened."I hesitated. The girls changed the subject and we soon were wrapped up into a different conversation.The bell ran and the girls and I all went to Study hall.We all had study hall where we could do whatever we want.Valeria and her friends were talking and Calum and his friends played around and me and my friends did our remaining homework and talked."Tay,I think Luke likes you."Zoe blurted.My eyes were wide."Well yeah he doesn't hate me."I didn't want to hear what they really meant."No,like like."She said, her voice barely above a whisper."Wait, really? No.."My voice became quiet.I stood there in silence for the rest of the period as the rest of the girls quietly talked.

I'll just have to see what happens after school.


if you don't know that something is going to happen after school at Taylor's house then ya stupid.Skipping the rest of school day so i can fit what happens in the chapter.

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