A virus is spreading, and it is spreading fast. It goes through all and any form of electronics. Tons of the population has already suffered and there is no cure. Who started this virus and who would be behind this all? Will a small group of teenagers be able to save the world? Maybe the universe?


3. Electro Lab

When I awoke, I didn't actually feel awake. I was dizzy, and I didn't feel at home at all. When I opened my eyes, I found out the reason of the latter. I was in a white room, no decorations, no windows, just a white bed (Which I was lying on) and a white door that you nearly couldn't see. I sat up a bit and winced holding my head in my hands. I heard ringing, and I saw black spots. What is going on in my head...?

Suddenly there was a man in a black lab coat in the room. When did he...? The man squatted down in front of me, a sick and creepy smirk on his face.

"Welcome to the Electro lab, Nano."

Electro... Lab...? 

"What is... an Electro Lab?" I asked a bit shakily. 

"It is where we conduct experiments and test our new creations."

"What exactly do you create?"

"Well, we make antidotes."

"What are you curing here?"

"Something that hasn't even hit us yet."

"Then... How do you know about it?" 

"Because sweetheart, we are MAKING it."

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