Truth is the Key

This work in progress is about a Candor who needs to understand what is happening in their war riddled world. This is how they get some answers through Tris and Four's trial during Insurgent.


1. An Introduction to Truth

Truth is the key to knowledge, that much has always been clear to me in our crumbling lives. Everything would be different if only the people knew the truth. Once they have that, they would be able to make calculated and informed decisions instead of blundering around, killing large chunks of our society that appears to be collapsing in on its self.

For as long as I can remember, I have yearned for knowledge. At a young age, I wanted to know why to sky is blue, how birds can fly and why I had to only wear black and white.  Now I need to know how this rebellion against intelligence and those who pursue it started, who is responsible for stopping the choosing ceremony when I was ready to change my life and what can be done to stop these deaths.

Hopefully, the answers to some of these questions are about to be revealed through means of a trial. There have been more and more trials recently, most likely due to the increase of crimes during this period of uncertainty. I am anticipating that this particular trial will give more answers than any before it because this is the trial of two rouge dauntless.

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