does he know // h.s.


1. chapter 1 //


First day of Sophomore year shouldn't seem scary. But it was scary for me. I only had 2 friends. 2. Trinity and Luke. I was a loner to be honest.

"Bri, get up. Time for school,"my mother shook me.

"I'm up mom!", I yell.

She leaves my room and I trudge over to my vanity. My blonde hair laid on my shoulders.


I walked into the bathroom and took a shower and brush my teeth. My wet hair started to get wavy.

"Hurry up Bri!", my mother yells from downstairs.

I pull out a random outfit and quickly put it on. I run downstairs with my backpack and one shoe on.

"Make new friends today Brindle.", my mom kissed my cheek.

"I'll try."

"You have to take the bus because I have to go put a house on the market."

"Awe, but fine.", I hate the bus. Nobody liked me on the bus. Luke was the only one I knew on my bus.

I stood at my bus stop and pulled out my phone. No texts from anyone.

The bus pulled up in front of me and I almost threw up. I climb the steps and looked for Luke. No sign of him.

I decided to sit alone and drift into a light sleep.

Someone put my backpack in my lap and took a seat next to me.

"Oh yeah sure, you can totally sit right there," I sarcastically smirked.

"Look, I'm not in the mood to talk, so could you leave me alone?", a boy frowned at me.

"Whatever," I hiss.

We pull up to the school and this would be it. My first day of Sophomore year with drama, lies, and secrets that await.

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