Wasted Chance

“I've fallen in love with you. I love you even now when you sit before me with the eyes of a wolf. So take pity upon the fool I have become. I forgot it was only a bargain between us.”

Thanks to ireumun.chloe for the beautiful cover.


4. Chapter Three

Chapter Three



My shock turned to fear when I noticed who it was. Him. His dark blue eyes stared at me, it made me feel like he was staring right into my soul and was making me feel very conscious. Oh, why did my brother have to leave me now? This was one of the moments that I needed him the most. My eyes glance at the direction which my brother had left. I think carefully, would I have enough time to run to my brother, and get away from him. But, the blue-eyed guy in front of me blocks my way to escape. A few students watch me curiously, probably wondering what was going on. But, then why should I run away. When it was him, who should be scared of me.

"Trying to run away." he said to me, laughing, a cruel smile plastered on my face.

"Why should I run away when it should be you who is scared of me. I mean you do remember the last time we met." I reply confidently.

"That was different, I am stronger now." he announced proudly, wanting me to be scared of him.

"So what. I am still stronger and you know. I mean, you still have the scar from last time." I annoy him, tracing the scar on the right side of his face. The scar reaches from his eyebrow to his lips. and makes him look like a villain.

"The scar reminded me to become strong, to become better than you." he told me.

"However, strong you may become, I will always be much better than you!" I exclaimed.

"Do I scare you?" he questioned curiously.

Yes, I thought. A little bit, but I was never going to tell him that. I wondered if he could feel my heart racing, could see the fear in my eyes. No! Don't be silly, I told myself.

"No." I lied, but I knew he could sense that I was lying.

"You're lying. I know you are. I can see how you are really thinking." he told me.

"I am not lying," I mutter feeling annoyed, wanting just somebody to save me from him.

"You know angel. I have always loved it when you lie, I mean your face becomes so cute and innocent," he mocks me.

"Stop mocking me. What are you even doing here?" I asked.

"I came to find you. I mean you didn't think you could run away from your past could you," he said, smiling gleefully, he touches my cheek before he walks away, into the crowd of students.

My heart starts beating fast, as I look around wishing that I was dreaming. I couldn't have seen him, no way. He couldn't be back, how did he even find me? Suddenly, a hand is placed on my shoulder. I gasp in fright, turning my head around to see who it was.

"Oh my god, you scared me," I say, trying not to let out a scream.

"It's nice to know my face can scare you." my brother mocks.

I notice Zoe standing beside my brother, she smiles friendly when she catches me looking at her. I can't believe it's only been ten minutes, but they way they are both inseparable and are always with one another. It's like they can't stand to be without one each other, the way they are it is like they are going to be always together showing that they are going to be together forever. It reminds me of the bond my brother and me had. A part of me is happy for my brother, and I am happy for him, but a part of me wishes it was just me and my brother. That's not bad, is it?

"It was just, I thought I saw someone," I say nervously.

"Who?" Zoe inquired curiously, as she took a step closer to me.

"I think I was just imagining this person anyway. So, what have you guys been up to?" I asked.

I wanted to tell my brother who I had seen because I was pretty sure I wasn't imagining him. But, I didn't want to speak about what I saw in front of Zoe. I mean, I didn't even know her that well. All I knew was that she was my brother's mate, that's all. 

"Nothing." my brother lies unconvincingly.

"So then what is that lipstick stain, the one on your cheeks," I say cheekily.

"What, lipstick stain. There was no lipstick when I." my brother begins to say before he realizes what he had just said, he blushes nervously.

"Aw, my big brother has got a massive crush on Zoe, and he goes red whenever she's near." I mock my brother, earning a playful shove from my brother.

"Well, he looks really cute when he goes red," Zoe says.

My brother looks at me, from the way he looks I can see he is very embarrassed. It's funny, seeing my brother like this because usually he would mock me when I had a crush on a guy, but now I could mock my brother, and it was fun. So this was the fun my brother got when he mocked me.

"So, Sabitha. What is one of your brother most embarrassing moment?" Zoe asks curiously.

My brother gives me a look, which says "Don't you dare." But, this was a golden opportunity, to embarrass my brother and I couldn't let it go. I didn't know when another chance would come.

"Well, when Nicholas was seven-year-old." I begin to say.

"Don't!" Nicky exclaims.

"No do tell. Please, I really want to know." Zoe continues.

"Please don't." Nicky pleads.

"I'm sorry Zoe, but I can't tell. As much as I love to annoy my brother, I do love him very much, and would do anything for him. So, I won't do anything that would make him unhappy or embarrassed., I'm sorry." I say.

"It's fine. You and your brother have such a strong special bond. I wish I could have a brother like yours." Zoe sighs.

"Zoe!" a familiar voice calls out, it sounds like a voice I had heard before, but I didn't know where.

"That's my annoying big brother, now I wonder why he is calling me. Come, Nicholas, I want you to meet my brother." Zoe said, pulling my brother away with her.

Leaving me alone, again. Just great, I look around hoping to find a friendly face.

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