Wasted Chance

“I've fallen in love with you. I love you even now when you sit before me with the eyes of a wolf. So take pity upon the fool I have become. I forgot it was only a bargain between us.”

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2. Chapter One

Chapter One





I sit under the large oak trees, the leaves on the ground providing me comfort from the hard cold wind. The harsh icy winds biting at my face. I shoved my hands into my jacket, trying to shelter them from the chill. I could feel goose bumps rising on my neck. Running to the forest had been a habit of mine, since a week ago when my brother and I moved here. By running away into the forest it would make me feel safe, whenever I was upset or angry coming to the woods had kept me sane. We came here for a new start, a new life.

One that hopefully wouldn't end up as dangerous as my past has been, my brother had told me it was time for a new start. It was sad moving away from my home for the last fifteen years, but I knew that I would have to move, mine and my brother lives were no longer safe. It was September now, school started in a couple of days for my brother and I. I was sixteen since a couple of days ago, and I knew I would be the youngest in my new sixth form. Lockwood Academy, that was what it was called, I knew it was for students from year seven to sixth form. Sometimes running away to the forest beside my house made me feel safe. You might think of me being a bit weird, I mean who would think a forest was safe, but ever since I was a young girl the forest had been a home to me.

A way I could escape from the real world. The leaves snapped under footsteps which approach me, I turn my head and smile when I see it is my older brother. Nicholas Draye or Nicky was what I called him. But, my brother didn't really like me calling him Nicky, and no matter how many times he told me off, it was like a habit. Ever since I was about three years old, and couldn't say his name properly I would call him Nicky, and that old habit had stuck to me ever since. Nicholas looks shocked and then happy when he sees me, I wonder if he had been searching for me. I told my brother that I would be gone for just five minutes, I check my watch and see that it had been seven minutes, just because I was two minutes late didn't mean I was abducted or killed. I wanted to tell my brother I was fine, but once he was decided and had his mind set to something, he wouldn't listen. It was a habit my father had, and my brother had inherited as well.

"Where were you? I thought you were missing, disappeared, just like" Nicholas begins, sitting on the ground, looking down upset, I could see the tears he held back, he took a deep breath, trying to calm his heart rate.

"I'm sorry," I say truthfully, reaching for my brother's hand instinctively, feeling slightly guilty and bad.

My brother grabs my hand tightly, not saying anything. His silence told me how scared he had been, how upset and worried he had been because of me. I felt guilty that my brother was so worried about me, I always told him that I would be safe and that he didn't have to always look out for me. But, he wouldn't listen. I hadn't meant to scare my older brother, I loved him dearly and knew he cared a lot about me, but sometimes I wished he wouldn't be as overprotective. It really affected his past relationship, and I hated that sometimes girls broke up with my brother because of me. They would always ask my brother to stop protecting me, and would ask him that one question.

 You can only have one, who do you really love. Me or your annoying sister. Don't pick your annoying sister, because she had nobody else. You have to pick wisely Nicholas, who do you want? Don't make the wrong decision, make sure to pick the correct choice; you don't want to pick the wrong decision. Who do you want? Who do you love the most?

I knew what he always said; he picked the most important thing to him. Me. His plain boring looking sister, who had at times annoyed him but underneath loved him dearly, I guess now after us wolves started vanishing, it made him even more overprotective, he wouldn't even let me go out for a minute, and was always watching. It really did scare my brother even more, and know he followed me, everyone, not wanting to let me out of his sight for just a minute. I don't mean wolves as in just normal wolves; I mean I was part human as well. I was a werewolf, so was my brother. But, we weren't dangerous, and nothing like the stories which over exaggerate us into monsters. We weren't monsters or beasts, stories had a habit of making us sound evil.

 A few months ago, our pack had just vanished, it wasn't like one day they were gone, but slowly they had started to vanish. I blame myself, for not being able to protect them, me being there alpha and all. I was their leader, but I had failed them. Hoping for a new start, me and my brother had come here to Riverdale. We didn't know anyone but decided if we were starting new we would need new names. Nothing too hard or too complicated something we could remember. My real name was Sophia Sabitha Draye, from the Draye pack, but here I wouldn't be called that. I would be Sophia Snow, and my brother would be Nicky Snow. Hopefully, nobody here would be able to recognize us from Louisville, my home for the last sixteen years. Even now, a flash imagery of my past would come in my nightmares, or the haunting wails of my pack mates would come to haunt me. I hated having those nightmares and waking up in beads of sweats.

"You really miss them, don't you?" my brother asks me.

What a surprising question? My brother didn't really speak about our family a lot, it was like he wanted to hide away our past. I thought that it was because he was upset, or maybe it brought back too many emotions.

"I do, they were our pack mates, our family. What about you?" I ask my brother with curiosity.

"I miss them, but I wouldn't miss them as much as you. I mean you were the alpha." Nicholas tells me, facing me.

"I was their alpha, their leader. But, I wasn't able to protect them." I complain, wrapping my arms around my knees.

"Sophia. I know you feel the guilt, and I do as well. But, you know we have to live our future, we can't remain in the past." my brother tells me sadly.

"That's what mother always used to say." I say suddenly, knowing my brother was listening to me, he was paying attention to me, and always listened to whatever I said, no matter how boring or uninteresting it might be.

The sun shines brightly on the green grass, I sit staring at the clouds. The trees are dancing in the wind, swaying slowly.

"Mummy, are the clouds made of candy floss?" I ask curiously, pointing at the fluffy white clouds in the sky..

"No, sweetie. They are not. Why would you think that princess?" mummy inquires me, brushing my long black hair with her sparkling comb.

"I don't know because they are white and fluffy. Mummy, will we ever be able to go back to the past?" I ask mummy.

"Of course not, the past is long ago. Why would you want to go to the past princess?" mummy asks me.

"The past is so happy, we can change our mistakes, we can go back to being little." I tell mummy.

"Princess. We have to live our future, we can't always remain in the past, can we?" mummy asks me, tying my black hair into a tight pony tail.

"No, because then we would never know our future, we would never know what happened next!" I exclaim.

"Very smart princess. What is Nicholas doing?" mummy asks me.

"Nicky is playing with his friends. I wanted to play with him mummy, but he told me no.” I say.

"Why did he say no sweetheart?" my mother asks me curiously.

"He said no because he said he wanted to talk to the boys at school, these big boys." I mumble.

"Big boys." mummy mumbles.

"Yeah big boys, like Nicky. They smiled at me, and Nicky waved me away." I tell my mother.

"Finally, that boy is socializing with people. I worry for him sometimes." Mummy mumbles, not noticing I was listening to her.

"Don't worry mummy, I will worry for him instead." I tell mummy proudly, earning a smile from my mother.

"Do you love your big brother Nicky?" mummy asked me.

"I love him loads mummy, to the sky and back." I said.

"Who do you love more, mummy or Nicky?" Mummy inquired 

"Well mummy I do love you." I began.

"Yeah, continue." mummy prompted.

"But, I love Nicky more than anything in the world. I would do anything for him to be happy mummy I love my brother the most. I do love you, but not as much as Nicky. If I had to save one of you, I would have to pick Nicky. I'm sorry mummy." I told mummy.

"Why are you sorry? It's a good thing princess, that you love Nicky more. I would want you to pick Nicky anyhow. I know you will protect Nicky." mummy told me.

"I know I will mummy, I won't let you down." I say proudly.

"Yeah. She did." Nicholas says, wiping his eyes.

"Are you crying Nicky?" I ask.

"I am not crying, and don't call me Nicky." Nicholas defends himself.

"I'm sorry Nicky." I say softly, not wanting to upset my brother.

"I'm sorry too princess. I miss them so much." Nicky tells me.

"I do too. So much. Do you think they will be watching over us now?" I ask, leaning towards Nicky.

"I am sure, they will be very proud of us." Nicky tells me.

"How do you know Nicky, that they would be proud of us? I mean I couldn't even protect my pack." I sob feeling guilty.

"Sophia, you can't blame yourself. You know that you did all you could." Nicholas tells me, rubbing my back.

I felt so lucky to have a brother as kind as Nicholas, I really must have done something amazing in my last life to have am amazing brother like him. Nicholas was very handsome; he looked a lot like our parents unlike me. Nicholas had inherited our mothers white hair, but he had dyed it brown to match mine, so he wouldn't stick out more than he had to. Nicholas didn't like getting unneeded attention, he liked being out of sight in the crowd.

My brother had lovely blue eyes, which would always be calm and relaxed like him. He was a very gentle person, but he could be angry if there was a reason for, such as; his family or loved ones being threatened, or bullies bullying someone, anything that deserves to get angry about my brother would. He wasn't as shy or quiet as me; he was very outgoing, popular and was a very trustworthy person. I knew that if my brother socialized more, he would become more popular. Protecting me and taking care of me has been my brother's priority ever since our parents had been killed by hunters.

"I know but it wasn't enough in the end." I say sadly.

"Sophia, you done your best. I know the pack would be proud of you, and our parents would be even prouder of having a beautiful and strong alpha as a daughter." Nicky tells me, making me feel better.

This was just like my brother, always the one that I knew would be there for me, a shoulder to cry on, the one who would cheer me up and make me special.

"I love you Nicky, you're the best brother ever." I tell my brother.

"I know I am, and you are my annoying but best sister ever." Nicky tells me brushing my long black hair with his slim but delicate fingers.

"We have school in a couple of days." I say sadly.

"I know. A new life, a new start, a new school. Hopefully this one would be a good start for us." my brother tells me.

"I am sure it will." I say confidently.

"Are you ready for school though, new friends?" Nicholas begins.

"And foes." I mumble, quietly, but not quiet enough for my brother to hear.

"Yes, but hopefully not many foes and many friends. We will hopefully find out what happened to our pack." Nicky replies.

"We must find out the truth." I tell Nicky.

"We will." Nicholas says confidently.

At least one of us was confident.

"Remember Max, Nicky. He was really mean." I say, remembering an incident which happened eight years ago.

"How could I forget? He was so annoying, crying, and mummy had started shouting at me, it made me cry." Nicky admits.

"You didn't have to hurt him Nicky; I didn't want you to get into trouble." I mumble.

"Well that idiot deserves what he got; any boy who hurts my sister is in big trouble." Nicholas tells me, laughing heartily.

"I am not a little child Nicholas; I can protect myself very well. I don't need you to be my bodyguard; you don't have to look out for me 24/7." I tell my brother, turning my head to face him.

"But, I'm your big brother; it is kind of my job to protect my sister from the baddies." Nicky mocks me shaking his head at me.

"But he didn't deserve it really." I say pitifully.

"I don't care, why he done it. Any guy should know." Nicky tells me.

"You'll scare all the guys away from me." I mumble.

"Only the best guys are for my sister, I will chase all the bad ones away." my brother tells me smiling proudly.

A memory flashes into my mind, of a bright summer's morning, I was eight years old, and Nicky was eleven years old at the time. It was quite funny, how certain memories would come to me at certain times.

The sun shines brightly onto my dark black hair, the wind was whistling quietly. Our house stood proudly among the others, its outer walls were painted a lovely shade of yellow, and the oak door welcomed everyone in. An apple tree stood on the side of our house, like it was protecting us. A doormat which the words "Welcome" were printed on it. The birds tweet peacefully. It was my eight birthday party, my mummy and daddy had invited everyone. All my friends and family were coming. I was so excited; my parents had finally allowed me to have a birthday party. After hours of moaning and pleading, they had finally said yes. My brother Nicholas or Nicky for short, had first dressed up as a pirate, but daddy said that it was too silly and childish, so Nicky had to wear a pair of jeans, and a red jumper, with the words "Super Me" inscribed on it. It had been a present to my brother from our grandma, a couple of months ago it was something she had bought dearly for my brother, and my brother had loved wearing it ever since. I was wearing my blue dress, and my princess tiara. I knew that I was going to look beautiful; my mummy even told me so. I had run down the hill, when the doorbell had rung. Finally, my friends were going to come. I smoothed down my dress, and looked around at the birthday balloons which were in different shades of pink and purple. I opened the door to see my best friend Emily.

"Emily." I said happily, going to hug her.

"Happy birthday Sophia." Emily exclaims, hugging my tightly, making me feels suffocated.

I linked arms with my best friend, and we run into the garden. I saw the other guests were already there, a mean looking boy stood away from me. He stood beside a brown haired lady who I assumed with his mum. The boy had a sour face, and a mean expression on his face, when he caught me staring at him, he raised his eye brows, and stuck his tongue at me. How rude? I wondered what he was doing here, at my party. He must have been the son of one of my father business friends, or maybe one of my mother's friend’s sons. Either way, I didn't like him being here. Amber caught me looking at him, and started whistling innocently.

"What!" I exclaimed, feeling like I was missing something.

"Do you like him?" Emily asked me.

"No. He looks very mean, and he seems horrible." I mumbled.

"You like him, just admit it." Emily told me.

"No. I don't like him. What's his name?" I ask curiously, wondering who on earth he was.

I knew that if I had seen him once, I would have surely remembered a mean looking face like his.

"His name is Carter Gold. His daddy is a really important person, and his mother is an actress. My mummy told me." Emily tells me confidently, her face was eager with pride.

Emily babbles on and on about Carter family. But, I was too busy trying to remember if I had seen him before. I see his walking towards the table where my mummy had baked some nice treats.

"I will be back in a minute, just want to take a cupcake." I say, making up an excuse, not even looking at Emily.

I follow Carter to where I see him taking a sandwich, he takes a delicately in his fingers and pops it into his mouth. As if he could feel me watching, Carter turns his head slowly to meet my brown eyes staring at me.

"What are you looking at?" Carter asks.

"I. You see." I begin to say; feeling very confused not knowing what to say next.

"Well." Carter prompts, wanting an answer.

"I don't like you. I don't want you to be at my party." I accidentally say, and then feel embarrassed when I had realized what I had said. I flush red, looking down at my shoes nervously.

I didn't mean that really, was what I wanted to say instead. Carter looks upset and angry, he bites his lip nervously, glancing to see where his mother was busy chatting to my mother.

"Well, I didn't want to come to your stupid baby party anyway." Carter says.

"Hey, my party is not stupid, take it back." I say, stepping forwards, accidentally stepping onto Carter right shoe.

"What, are you going to make me?" Carter asks, stepping right in front of my face angrily, rage causing his face to turn red.

"I don't like you, you are such an idiot." I mumble, speaking what I had thought.

Carter shoves me back angrily onto the ground, the mud staining my beautiful princess dress, the mud soaking my dress. I had made sure that I was going to look beauty, and now I wasn't. I burst into tears angrily, tears trickling down my cheek.

I didn't know when but my brother must have witnessed it all, suddenly he was in front of Carter. My brother was several inches taller than him, and much broader.

"What did you say?" Nicholas shouted angrily, before Carter had a chance to explain. 

My brother swung his fist into Carter face. It took several parents to hold back my brother, who was raging with fury. I had never seen my brother like that. I had always seen him as being very quiet, caring and calm. It was like I was seeing somebody else, someone who could be angry, dangerous. It also made me realize how much my brother has loved me, and how he would do anything to anybody who hurt me. As I lay on the ground, my brother eyes met mine. He smiled proudly, as he was being carried away by my angry father. Carter had received a black eye, after his mother shouting at my mother angrily, she had grabbed her son hand and leaded him out of the way. I couldn't forget the way his eyes were staring at me, guilty and lost.

I realized that maybe if I had said something, maybe not have angered him then nothing else would have happened. From that day, Carter mother had never let her son near me or my brother, thinking we were just a bad lot. We weren't a bad lot, no matter how much my mother had tried to apologize to Carter mother. I had seen Carter a couple of times after that, he would just stare at me, not with anger but with sadness.

After that I had never seen Carter again, it was just like he had become vanished. I had searched for him, but it was just like he had vanished without a trace. There was no point in asking my parents who didn't even want to speak about Carter; they thought it was his fault. They thought he was the bad influence. Now my parents were dead, had been dead since the last two years. Nicky didn't even want to speak about Carter, assuming Carter would always be bad and evil.

My brother Nicholas had become a parental figure in my life, he protected me, cared for me, he was the one who worked hard and got enough money for us. Money was not a big problem; our parents had left us a lot of money, enough for our whole life. But, my brother had wanted to not use their money, and work his butt off instead. I was so proud of my brother; he had mostly made decisions for me, even important ones. I trusted my brother, even more than myself to make the correct decisions for me; I knew he had my best interest at heart.

He would never do anything to endanger me or ruin my life. That was how much trust I had on my brother, we depended on each other, without him I was nothing, and without me he was nothing. Sometimes I would pretend to be annoyed or angry with my brother but I never wished he was gone, and I cared more about him then I cared for myself. I would never be able to live without my brother; I would rather always be with my brother and be hunted then live by myself safe. My brother was my beta, my second in command. He was always there for me, and he always will.

It still felt strange for me to be an alpha; before my father had died he had appointed me as an alpha, me his younger daughter. I had often wondered why he had appointed me to be an alpha, and not my brother. I mean my brother would be a much better and more deserving alpha than I was. He was kind, caring, friendly, and strong; brave all the qualities a leader should have. I didn't really have the qualities to be an alpha; I had never wanted to be an alpha. So it was surprise to me, it was when I was fifteen, when I had become an alpha. I still remember that day like it was just yesterday.

A burning pain sears through my veins. I collapse on the floor, biting my tongue angrily. I scream in pain, and howl instinctively. My older brother Nicholas runs in, he sits beside me, and holds my back.

"What's happening?" I cry.

"The marking." Nicholas whispers.

A minute later, the pain subsides; just like it had come it had gone in a minute. I feel something on my back, and even though I try many times I still can't see what it on my back.

"What's on my back?" I ask my brother.

"Your pack mark it's a D, but it is in gold, that means your alpha." Nicholas tells me slowly.

Alpha! Me an alpha, that had to be impossible. Females weren't supposed to be alphas, I couldn't look after myself properly, and then how was I to look after a pack. This couldn't be happening to me. No way!

"But, I thought females weren't supposed to be the alpha. Nevertheless me. It was supposed to be you, Nicholas you are the mature and strong one, you should have been leader, not me." I say, turning to look at Nicky, who had a curious expression on his face.

"I guess father thought you would be the alpha. But, a female. Wow, that is rare; there hasn't been a female alpha in centuries, especially one from a powerful and strong family such as ours. That is so cool Sophia, you are an alpha. Wow, my little baby sister is an alpha, that means I am your beta, your second in command. That is so cool; I always thought it would be the other way around though." Nicholas tells me.

"So you aren't upset?" I ask cautiously.

"No. Why would I be upset?" Nicholas inquires, laughing at me.

"i thought you would be upset, that I was alpha and not you." I mumble.

"It doesn't matter Sophia, I don't mind if you or me were alpha it would still be the same. A female alpha wow you are rare, I am an alpha brother." Nicholas announces confidently.

"Alpha female." I mutter under my breath.

"My little sister is an alpha, but that doesn't mean you can just do whatever you want, and you certainly won't make any dangerous decisions. I am still your brother, and that comes first before alpha. I care for my sister more than I care for the alpha, and I will protect my sister as my first priority." Nicholas tells me, stating the fact.

I had thought so, even being an alpha would mean my brother would have to look after me even more. He now had to make me seem, and being an alpha just added on top of it for Nicky. I never wanted to seem like a burden to Nicky, I mean he must get tiresome or angry with me sometimes, but he never showed it. It was like he was too afraid to show his feelings and emotions, like he thought that by showing feelings and emotions would make him seem like a baby, but it wasn't. Somebody who could show how they're feelings, no matter even if they're crying, was better than somebody who would lock all their feelings away because one day it would all just come out. 

Being an alpha had been different; it made me a bit more responsible, a bit more mature. The responsibility that taking care of other people made you feels like a leader. I loved my brother, and I would do anything for him. I had already lost my parents, and even though I missed them, I was glad I had my brother. I felt lucky to at least have a family. I lean against my brother, thinking about school in a couple of days. Maybe a new start was what I needed.

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