Wasted Chance

“I've fallen in love with you. I love you even now when you sit before me with the eyes of a wolf. So take pity upon the fool I have become. I forgot it was only a bargain between us.”

Thanks to ireumun.chloe for the beautiful cover.


5. Chapter Four

Chapter Four


After the whole mysterious incident, I didn't know what to do. I know I should tell my brother, but it was like I was being replaced. Anyhow, his mind was preoccupied on Zoe at the moment, I couldn't help but smirk every time I saw my brother stare at Zoe, like she was a mythical goddess or something, but if I asked Nicholas he would just nod his head in a hypnotized expression. I was happy though, that finally my brother was happy. I couldn't remember the last time, I had seen him this happy. Nicholas always tried to please me. He sacrificed his whole childhood for me, always wanting me to have an amazing childhood, which he didn't have. I was like a princess, everything Nicholas did was for my benefit. He took me to parties, to school, it was like he was my personal guard dog. I never wanted Nicholas to be my slave or anything. I didn't want to take advantage of him, but it was like even if I didn't ask him anything, he did it anyway.

I wasn't sure if Zoe wanted me to come as well, or just my brother. Maybe, she wanted her brother just to meet my brother, her mate. Zoe and my brother were the only two people I knew, I didn't want to be the quiet girl anymore or the loud spoiled brat either.

"Come on Sabitha!" Zoe called me cheerfully, in a pleasant tone.

I followed Nicholas and Zoe, hiding behind them as they went to meet Zoe brother. I wonder if her brother would be nice like Zoe or horrible. Suddenly, they both stopped abruptly right in front of me.

"Jamie, meet Nicholas, my mate." I heard Zoe say.

"Hello, I'm Nicholas, pleased to meet you, and this here is my sister Sabitha. She isn't normally this sky, Sabitha, stop hiding." Nicholas said, giving me a playful shove in the direction of Zoe's brother.

I look around embarrassed, finally being exposed. I lower my eyes down shyly, and then look up into the beautiful blue eyes that look at me with excitement. Zoe's brother looks slightly familiar, but I did not know where I had seen him before. He was beautiful, with dark brown hair styled perfectly, and sharp blue eyes. 

"Hi," I mumble shyly.

"Hi, I'm Jamie. I am Zoe's brother, and I am guessing you are Nicholas's younger sister." Jamie tells me.

"Yes, I am. But, normally it is Nicholas who is introduced as my older brother." I reply back sharply.

"That is nice, anyhow I thought you said you had someone important to introduce to me, all I see is a little girl. " Jamie tells me, looking at me like I was a little girl.

"I am not a little girl, and even if I was at least I am not a jerk like you. " I spit out in anger.

"Sabitha, you shouldn't talk to people like that," Nicholas tells me.

"Like what!" I exclaim, looking at Nicholas.

"Like you're the leader or something. Just because you're an alpha does not mean you can boss people around." Nicholas tells me.

"I don't boss people around," I answer back sarcastically.

"You're an alpha." Jamie laughs, making me turn at him in anger.

"Why is that funny?" I question.

"It's hilarious because you are a weak girl," Jamie tells me.

"Just because I may appear weak does not mean I am actually weak, and being a girl does not make me weak," I say, stepping close to Jamie.

"I challenge you that you can't act like a leader of my pack for a week." Jamie challenges me.

"Make that a month, and I could still be a better leader than you," I answer back, pointing a finger at his chest in anger.

"Fine, I accept your challenge miss sassy mouth," Jamie says.

"I do as well Mr.jerkface," I say, turning my head and walking off in the opposite direction with my head held high.

"Oh no, I can't believe your sister challenged my brother. Jamie never loses any bet." I hear Zoe say.

"And my sister Sabitha, never loses any bet either, so we'll see who wins." my brother Nicholas replies back confidently.

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