Falling for a Criminal (Loki Fan Fic)

It has been two years since awakening in Asgard, helping a criminal (being Loki) escape, and making a mistake bigger than helping that criminal. Thanks to that mistake Joy has been living with armbands of steel, an entity who speaks to her through mind, and two powers. The first power is telekinesis; able to move objects and people at will. Second power; make machinery explode at will. Loki pops up again after 2 years. And Joy might be falling for a criminal. It's a-okay long as he is immortal and such.
Curious now? Then read it.
Sequel to 'Awaken in Asgard'. Book 2 of 2.


13. One heck of a night

"I told you to enjoy the ride," The Limo driver said, with a whistle. "And you didn't listen."

"Because of some big fat lie,"  I said. "They LIED to me." Anger surfaces while my head feels hot. "Yeah, that's what they probably did." I try to break my binds. "They are taking me for one last stupid ride before taking a shot at me. And you're a loose end, a freaking loose end, you can be a target!"

The Limo driver laughs quite loudly.

"Where ever you are going, I am pretty sure it is for a great reason," The Limo driver said.  "And let me reassure you....I am not close to being that desperate!" He has a chortle. "I have a couple kids I have to attend their wedding this month." I can hear drumming on the driver's wheel as a sharp turn to the left is taken. "I know where I am suppose to drive and I ask no questions. Life is best when you do not ask why."

"When this happens; the abductee gets killed or either is left traumatized," I said.  "I have been emotionally traumatized before."

The limo driver laughs.

"That's a rare thing to come across," The Limo driver muses. "What is your trauma?"

"Showing sadness,"  I said.

"You are kidding," The Limo driver said.

"Nope," I said, wiggling myself half way up. "I am still getting over it."

"What was it?" The Limo driver said. "For kicks and giggles."

"I fell, I cried, and my teacher refused to believe I was in pain," I said, in a low voice.

"Aww, poor child," The Limo driver said, making a 'tsk' sound.

"I know," I said. "Sad. But not sad as to why I don't have some one tailing you."

"I can't be tracked," The Limo driver said. "Part of the employment contract. Come with a car without tracking systems."

I squint at the square window.

"How old is this limo?" I ask.

"A couple months," The Limo driver said. "I love my Betty.'

I was left in silence contemplating my escape feeling still a little out of it

A good hour must have passed.

"Ah ha, we have arrived to your destination!" The Limo driver said, cheerfully.

The vehicle came to a stop yet I am sent rolling down the floor, again,  coming to a stop right at the seats across  by a couple feet. The side doors are flipped open revealing bright balls of light standing out in the darkness. Strong hands drag me out of the vehicle followed by a cutting sound breaking away plastic.  I hear the sound of a door being shut then wheels screeching against the paved road.

"Sorry we had bring you this way," A Scottish man said. "The name is Henry Flot."

I look up feeling still out of it.

"Screw you," I said, spitting at his shoes. "If you had...The decency...You wouldn't drug me."

Flot frowns.

"Well," Flot said. "You are here and that is what matters for now." He snaps his fingers. "Get the sleeze on her feet."

My shoes meet the floor.

Think of the worst images to jot yourself awake, I thought.

"I am awake," Bob said.  "Do not think of such images!"

Not you, I thought,ME!

"If you lose your voice out of this then I may need to do some adjustments," Bob said.

Like what?, I thought.

"Mental powers," Bob said.

Define, I thought.

"Speaking through the mind and hearing others thoughts at will," Bob said.

Boring, I though, takes out all the joys of being human.

"And your kaboom power will be removed as a result," Bob adds.

"You see, as I have explained, that is why you are here," Flot finishes at a door.

"I did not hear a word you said," I said.

"Oh really?" Flot said, typing into a small panel to the side of the door. "I don't want to explain it all  over again."

"You have to," I said.

"Inject the choloform rapid recover," Flot said.

A sharp pain erupts through my exposed shoulder.

"Ow," I said, blinking feeling my body booting up again.

The door slides open.

"You have about...15 minutes to get this right," Flot said, taking a step to the side.

"What?" I said.

"15 minutes and we are coming in," Flot said. "At least the federal police. Chop chop!"

I am thrown into the room landing on my side.

Then I heard shouting.

"Now I am not the one who claimed not be able to die," I heard Loki's voice. "And here you are; dead."

I get up seeing a huge space craft and a couple of bodies all over laying there motionless.

"Loki?" I said.

"For the hundredth time; call me Crane!" Loki  shouts, turning towards me with a frown. Then he has a hesitate look on his face. "Wait, why are you outside the UFO?"

I fold my arms glaring at Loki.

"I have not been here," I said.

Loki has a furious face.

"They lied to me," Loki said.

"And I suppose you didn't say anything about me being your emergency contact," I said.

Loki's crystalline face turns to  a 'that I did' kind of one.

"Why are you here?" Loki asks.

I shrug walking over a dead guy

"They said; top secret," I said. "And something about you."

"Same here," Loki said. "And they said you had tangible proof that I am right these are not gods visiting Earth! But in fact aliens."

"Aliens have been visiting Earth for long as I can remember," I said.

"I was abducted by them," Loki said. "For a couple nights I was on a operation table; watching them toy with me," He closes his eyes with a shudder and then reopens them. "They experimented on me, and did what I cannot tell."

No wonder Loki was acting so strange on television.

"Then don't tell," I said. "And a man like you should have a escape plan."

"I did until you came in," Loki said, confidently.

I had a laugh.

"You are meaning to say that big hunk of metal can work?" I ask.

"I can try flying," Loki said, going over to a large machine set beside the UFO. "I did fly a...A alien machine before...I think."

I shook my hands.

"Hold on," I said. "This might be a set up!"

"Everything, my dear Joy, is a set up," Loki said, putting his hand on the panel.

I sigh looking at the ceiling.

"Has it occurred to you this might be what they want us to do?" I ask.

"Once or twice," Loki said.

"It is probably a trap," I said.

"This trap is back firing so badly," Loki said, walking up the platform into the UFO.

"Don't go in," Bob said as I force myself towards the platform.

"Someone has to make sure you don't kill yourself," I said.

"Funny you say that," Loki said. "I have faked numerous deaths! Oh, I remember faking deaths." He rubs his chin.  "I must be a Houdini of the sorts."

"Why did you kill those people?" I ask.

"Self defense," Loki said. "They were shooting at me!"

"Riiiight," I said.

"I am not the god of lies, Salamanders," Loki said. "I am just really good at lying."

I have a amused laugh.

"I am good at telling stories," I said. "And doing anything fast," I add a note of sarcasm. "I am the Demi-Goddess of Speed."

"Oh really?" Loki asks.

"Yes really," I said.

A smirk places itself on Loki's lips.

"I dare you to write a book in a month," Loki said, daringly.

I smile.

"My pleasure," I said. "I will start after you get out of the UFO."

"I came here to prove aliens exist," Loki said, turning away from me. "And this is my million dollar proof!"

"And to think you came here for me," I said, rolling an eye as Loki vanishes from my view. "This is one lame 'trap'."

What is the point of this trap?

"Death,"  Bob said.

I hear a gentle woosh to a door opening.

I turn towards the left to see a different door to the side opening.

So a escape route?

"No dip, Sherlock," Bob said.

Five minutes after that Loki came running out of the UFO with fear in his eyes.

"RUN!" Loki shouts, running into the secret exit.

I look over seeing men rapidly shooting rifle like guns.

"Freeze," I whisper, holding my hands out making the bullets stop in place.  I bend my fingers making the swich-a-roo gesture. "Redirect," The bullets turn around towards the firing squad.  I straighten my fingers out. "Fire."

I turn away then go after Loki hearing the bullets make ping pong sounds usually made by BB guns pellets.  Shots are fired.  I saw Loki at the exit with his back to the wall grabbing at his shoulder clearly in pain. Gods are not able to die, right?  Something told me in my gut leaving Loki behind is not the brightest idea of the year. 

So what did I do?

I hauled Loki's ass out and made the building explode.

Probably a mistake on the exploding building part.

_____________                                             _____________________

...2:40 AM...

...In a abandoned hospital wing...

"How did you do that?" Loki asks, as I put him on a table.

"Do what?" I ask.

"Make that building explode!" Loki said.

I smile, injecting Loki with a sedative at the shoulder using a needle.

"I make things go boom,"  I said.

"Ow," Loki said. "I don't like needles."

I quickly apply disinfectant to the wound then slide a tray to my side.

"Me too," I said.

The TV is on.

"Two fugitives are now on the run," The reporter said. "A highly regarded building known as the Sci-Fi entertainment museum has been destroyed to bits. Sources say these two fugitives are Joy Salamanders and Thomas Crane both highly dangerous and on the run."

"Turn that off," Loki said.

I turn down the volume to number 5.

"I am not dangerous," Loki said. "I am innocent of any wrong doing."

I inject a kind of chemical that numbs Loki's wound.

"Ow," Loki said, sharply in a girly tone.

I slit a line in the place where the bullet is in his back.

Loki winces.

"Don't move," I said. "It will only hurt more,"  I put down the thin cutting tool then pick up a long pair of tweezers. "Unless you want to dislocate your shoulder then keep being  tense."

"Why are you so calm about removing bullets?" Loki asks, as I carefully made my way to the first bullet.

"Because I have done it before," I said.

"On who?" Loki asks.

I pause, dropping the first removed bullet in a bowl of water.

"Myself," I said.

"...You don't seem the bullet type," Loki said.

"It happened two years ago," I said. "After I met you again."

"Again?" Loki asks.

"We technically met for the first time about three times," I said.

"I don't understand," Loki said.

I laugh, stitching up the first wound.

"You do not have to understand," I said.

"Is it part of the reason why you wear arm bands?" Loki asks.

"No," I lied, with a smile.

"But you just lied to me," Loki said. "So it is."

"Fine, you are right," I said, dropping the second bullet into the bowl.  "Two more bullets to go."

Loki looks over towards me.

"You are the one bleeding," Loki said. "You should have a healer operate on you."

I smile.

"You remember  what you call Doctors in your realm," I said, injecting another sedative into Loki. "I will be fine," Loki turns his head away with a yawn.  "I can take care of myself,' Loki's eyes close.  "Though..." I pat on his hair lightly. "It is nice that you care."

Low snores came from Loki in his sleep.

I remove the two other bullets then stitch him back up. With great care and caution I manage to get Loki on a gurney then roll him out of the abandoned hospital that does not have the best security. I whistle to myself knowing we just went under the very noses of the system. I saw a television set airing the last part of the report.

"If you see any of these two," The reporter said as two sketches of us appear on screen. "Please call. You will get a $20,000 reward."

Looks like my acting career will have to be put on hold.

How the hell did they get our sketches?


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